Pitch Meeting Takes On Fast X… On Snapchat!

Super easy, barely an inconvenience! Fast X Pitch Meeting is on Snapchat, as Ryan George’s hilarious Screen Rant series races onto the platform.

Pitch Meeting is on Snapchat, making the enjoyment of the beloved series on the platform super easy, barely an inconvenience. Pitch Meeting, created by and featuring Ryan George, is one of Screen Rant’s most popular offerings, with a dedicated YouTube channel boasting 1.11 million subscribers. In each Pitch Meeting episode, George imagines the conversation that led to the creation of the biggest movies and television shows of the day, plot holes and all. The first Pitch Meeting on Snapchat is a spoiler-filled discussion of Fast X, touching on the film’s fast-and-loose nature and frustrating cliffhanger ending.


Snapchat is just one way to enjoy consistent Screen Rant content on social media. The Screen Rant Plus YouTube Channel hosts full interviews with movie stars and other top talent and Screen Rant’s TikTok offers quick explainer videos and interview clips. Screen Rant also has its own Snapchat which offers weekly videos tied to popular films.

Watch “Fast X Pitch Meeting” On Snapchat

Vin Diesel looking surprised as Dom in Fast X.

The first Pitch Meeting video to make it to Snapchat sends up one of the biggest movies of 2023. In it, Ryan George hones in on Fast X’s most ridiculous moments, the inconsistent naming structure of the Fast & Furious franchise as a whole, and more. Although Pitch Meeting is admittedly hilarious at the expense of Fast X and the other movies it covers, George’s irreverence is playful enough that the episode is worth a watch by Fast & Furious fans and detractors alike.

Pitch Meeting joins Screen Rant on Snapchat, where the weekly series Screen Rant Popcorn Video dives into interesting facts about upcoming or recently released movies. Previous Screen Rant Popcorn Video entries include “Everything You Missed in D&D” and “Everything You Need to Know About Elemental”, with a number of other videos—including “Everything You Need To Know Before Fast X”–also available. Pitch Meeting is its own Snapchat channel, but will also be updated often to bring more of George’s work to the platform.

Screen Rant will continue bringing consistent content to Snapchat, with new series to join Screen Rant Popcorn Video. Subscribe to Screen Rant on Snapchat for the latest content. More Pitch Meeting videos will soon be available as well, so be sure to subscribe to Pitch Meeting on Snapchat too!

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