One Piece: Man Marked By Flames is Secretly Saul

One Piece has teased the answer to one of its biggest mysteries, dropping several clues on the identity of “the man marked by flames”, or “man with a burn scar” (in Viz’s English tranlation), who could be Jaguar D. Saul, the Giant who saved Nico Robin from the destruction of Ohara.


After the defeat of Kaido and Big Mom in Wano, the three captains who achieved this impossible goal convened to discuss their next steps, including the location of the final Road Poneglyph needed to find the hidden island of Laugh Tale. In chapter #1056, Eustass Kid mentions that a certain “man marked by flames”, also translatable as “man with a burn scar”, knows about the Poneglyph, but he refused to say more about him. In a later chapter, dr. Vegapunk revealed that the precious library of Ohara was actually saved by a crew of Giants from Elbaf, whose captain was all covered in bandages. When the manga showed Vegapunk’s later visit to Elbaf to read and memorize all the Ohara books, giving a glimpse of this Giant captain, he looked a lot like Saul, the Giant who saved Robin from the destruction of Ohara.

Kid’s Arrival At Elbaf Seemingly Proved That Saul Is The “Man Marked By Flames”


In chapter #1071 of One Piece, the theory that the man with a burn scar is actually Saul received what looked like confirmation. After Luffy, Law, and Kid left Wano, they took three separate routes. While the Straw Hats arrived at Vegapunk’s laboratory on Egghead Island, and Law was ambushed by the Blackbeard Pirates, Kid’s path took him straight to Elbaf. This is unlikely to be a coincidence. Kid is the only one who mentioned “the man marked by flames”, and he even mocked Luffy for his ignorance on the topic. This means that the Kid Pirates’ arrival at Elbaf could have held a deeper meaning, and they were about to discover the location of the final Road Poneglyph before everyone else.

kid reaches elbaf in one piece

Unfortunately, the Kid Pirates were completely annihilated by Shanks before they could even set foot on Elbaf. Later, in chapter #1081, the Saul theory got another hit. According to a conversation between former Admiral Aokiji and the Blackbeard Pirates, the man with a burn scar is not on Elbaf, but he actually sails in an all-black ship, sinking whoever gets close in a gigantic vortex. Many took this as a hint that the man with a burn scar is Luffy’s father Dragon, who rides a black ship and could have weather-related Devil Fruit powers. However, nothing is ever for granted in One Piece, and the Saul theory still has its merits.

The Man With A Burn Scar Holds The Key To One Piece‘s Final Treasure

When the Marines’ Buster Call was burning Ohara to the ground, Saul was frozen by former Admiral Aokiji’s powers. The heat of the flames must have unthawed him, leaving scars on his body, as shown by the bandages in Vegapunk’s flashback. Also, if Saul actually salvaged the library of Ohara, then he must have learned many secrets about the mysterious past of the One Piece world and the Great Kingdom, the ancient civilization that created the Poneglyphs. It’s clear that One Piece has entered its final saga as the story has picked up speed and everything happens much faster. The identity of “the man marked by flames” will also be revealed much quicker than expected, and then One Piece fans will know if this mysterious character is actually Saul, Dragon, or if Eiichiro Oda has another big surprise in store for them.

All chapters of One Piece are available through Viz Media.

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