One Original Riverdale Character Won’t Appear In The Final Season, Co-Star Confirms

Riverdale star Mädchen Amick has confirmed that one of her co-stars will not be returning for the final season of the show. With Riverdale season 7, the long-running series on The CW will be coming to a close. The final season of Riverdale sees the main characters living in 1955 with no memories of the previous seasons, following the destruction of the modern-day Riverdale at the end of season 6.

Speaking with Decider, Amick revealed that almost every character was supposed to come back for Riverdale season 7. However, one character, FP Jones (Skeet Ulrich), will not be back for the final season of Riverdale, despite many fans enjoying the romantic relationship between FP and Amick’s Alice Smith. Check out what Amick had to say below:

We have to close the book on that. He was invited back, and the plan was he was going to come back. But then it fell through. I don’t know the particulars on it. But he ended up not coming on board. We were sort of hoping that everybody would come through, and I think that was Roberto’s intention was to have everybody back that he could in that last season. There was an episode that was dedicated to his character, but it didn’t happen. So you know, Falice [FP & Alice] fans are left wanting something that just never happened.

FP & Alice’s Relationship In Riverdale Explained

FP Jones talking on the phone on Riverdale

FP is the father of Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) while Alice is the mother of Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart). Originally having a romantic relationship when they were younger, FP and Alice rekindled their love for one another during the events of Riverdale. This led to them moving in together alongside their kids. FP later learned they had another child, Charles, from when they were teenagers, but who was put up for adoption, becoming a recurring serial killer villain.

FP eventually left the town of Riverdale with his daughter, Jellybean, after learning she was responsible for reenacting murders in the town as the Auteur. By taking Jellybean to Toledo to be with her mother, Alice and FP had to put their relationship on hold. Fans of the pairing may have been hoping for a reunion in Riverdale season 7, and while it was initially supposed to happen, it seems Alice will not end up with FP by the end of the show.

With filming for Riverdale season 7 starting to wrap, it appears FP and Alice’s relationship will not be coming to fruition. While this isn’t ideal for fans of the pairing, Alice may still earn a happy ending by the series finale. Though with FP not returning in Riverdale‘s final season, it may not be the ending some fans were hoping for.

Source: Decider

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