Nimona Filmmakers Reveal Importance Of Making The Whole Audience Feel Seen

Nimona follows Ballister Boldheart, a knight framed for a crime he didn’t commit, and the titular shapeshifter named Nimona who sets out to help him prove his innocence. Netflix will release the movie this summer, and it promises to showcase messages of acceptance and friendship.


This film is a visually stunning animated feature that is sure to be a summer hit with families and fans of all ages. There are many lessons to take away from the film, but the most important is that of accepting others and not judging a book by its cover. Nimona starts streaming on June 30.

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Netflix invited Screen Rant to attend a long lead press day to learn more about their upcoming animated feature film, Nimona. This included a press conference with the filmmakers behind the movie including co-directors Nick Bruno and Troy Quane, as well as Nimona creator ND Stevenson. During the press conference, the directors discussed the importance of putting the line “I see you” into the script, while Stevenson touched on taking Nimona from page to screen.

Nimona Filmmakers on the Importance of Making the Audience Feel Seen

Nimona drawing her own story in Nimona trailer

Screen Rant: “I see you.” is such a powerful line that is going to mean something to a lot of viewers. Can you talk about the importance that message conveys about bullying, mental health, and even self-harm?

Nick Bruno: Wow, yeah. I’ll try to take a stab at this. This was such a big moment for all of us, for everybody here on this on this zoom call and beyond. It’s what do you say at that moment? We have brilliant writers, and we’d all write these long things. And at the end of the day, I think all of us just want to feel that we’re not alone. And a genuine sorry, of somebody not trying to explain what they did, or how they did it, or why they got there. We all know. That was the thing that we landed on that felt right. It’s a genuine I know who you are, what you have experienced, I got to know you. And we’re very different. But at the same time, we’re the same and we’re not alone. And that’s a message that not just Ballister says to Nimona, but it’s what we’re trying to say to the audience, as well. Anybody who’s ever felt like an outsider, you’re not alone.

Troy Quane: Production Designer Aidan Sugano had the quote in his presentation. Something we held onto is that idea of seeing someone for who they really are, not who we want them to be or who we expect them to be or who we’ve been told that they are. Just taking the time to see someone. Like Nick said, we had all these amazing speeches. It’s all going to be so great and words, words, words. And at the end of the day, it’s just, I see you, and how powerful that is. It felt very obvious by the time we got there. It was a journey to see how simple these ideas can be if we all just choose to open ourselves to them.

ND Stevenson: I just wanted to say I found it so moving because it’s not saying that I understand you, like you don’t have to. You just have to see me. I was totally blown away by that.

Bringing Nimona From Page To Screen

Nimona - Independent Comics Should Be Movies

ND Stevenson is no stranger to adaptations. He is the writer and showrunner for the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power series. However, as the creator of the Nimona graphic novel, he knew that changes had to be made to bring this from page to screen. He explains that the novel exists, people have read it, and therefore there is no point in trying to tell the same story again.

ND admits this is how he approached She-Ra as well, where they changed things as needed, but were sure to stay true to the heart of the story. With Nimona, the most important thing is Nimona herself, and that is the heart of the movie. ND claims that you can’t make that movie if she doesn’t feel real and was thrilled with the final product. Nimona gets to live this new chapter of her life as she is taken into the future, from the pages of the best-selling comic book to Netflix accounts all around the world.

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