New Star Wars Prequel Movie Is About What Came BEFORE The Jedi

Director James Mangold revealed that his Star Wars film set during the Dawn of the Jedi Era will actually take place before the Jedi Order’s founding. Set at least 25,000 years before the events of the main Skywalker saga, the picture is inspired by the Ten Commandments and has been described by Mangold as a religious epic. The film will get into the origins of the Force itself, creating a process of discovery that will lay the foundation for everything known about Star Wars.

In an interview on the Happy, Sad, Confused podcast, Mangold shared that concepts like the Jedi and Midi-chlorians are predated by the events of his new Star Wars movie.

“I don’t want to make any guarantees one way or the other, but it will be before Jedi. Meaning, you might be experiencing something that might become Jedi. Despite the fact other people make movies other ways, I don’t tend to think people brand themselves before they’ve actually found themselves… I tend to think that the branding tends to happen later.”

Mangold’s comments heavily suggest that the characters his film follows could end up laying the groundwork for what everyone will later know as the Jedi Order. Through their exploration of the Force, these characters will redefine their moral compasses and establish some form of the Jedi Code as a way to lead their lives.

Mangold’s Film Will Build Up To The Jedi Order

Ahsoka Tano, Cal Kestis, and Mace Windu in Star Wars.

As Mangold describes it, the thinking behind his film’s approach to the Jedi makes perfect sense. Organizations and groups start with ideas and, over time, forge their identities. It would be strange if the Jedi did come to be the Order known in the main saga so quickly; rather, it’s a philosophy that develop over the span of years – decades, even. With Mangold’s picture being an epic, there’s no telling how much time will be covered, but the exploration of the Force across a generation would conceivably be enough to establish the basis for Star Wars‘ Jedi Order.

Source: Happy, Sad, Confused

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