New Manhwa Terror Man Is A Fun Take on a Controversial Topic

The new Manhwa Terror Man from ABLAZE puts an entertaining spin on the incredibly dark topic of terrorism. It certainly isn’t the first work to do this, with anime like MAPPA’s Terror in Resonance also tackling this heavy topic. But what makes this manhwa by Dongwoo Han and Jinho Ko is how ridiculously they tackle the topic and the fun chaos that ensues.


Terror Man focuses on Jungwoo Min, a shy boy who has the power to see misfortune before it happens. One day, when shopping in a mall, he sees that the building is doomed to collapse and assumes the role of a terrorist in order to evacuate the building. After taking credit for the destruction of the building, he becomes a public enemy and goes on to take credit for more destructive events in order to save lives while also not revealing his ability. This puts him in the crossfire of a powerful organization that sponsors these acts of mass violence and forces him to grow out of his shell.

Terror Man Puts an Entertaining Twist on Terrorism

Jungwoo in Terror Man

The premise is kind of absurd and doesn’t really hold up on close inspection, but it makes for a very fun story as Jungwoo must hide his identity from the forces trying to hunt him down. This puts an interesting twist on the classic double identity trope found in much superhero fiction. In fact, the story feels very much like a superhero story despite its main character being seen as a villain. Jungwoo even goes through an arc to train his powers and fighting capabilities just like heroes in a superhero manga like My Hero Academia would. Unfortunately, besides being a fun take on this sort of story, Terror Man doesn’t really offer anything deeper.

This is a shame given how controversial its subject can be. Terrorist attacks are a frighteningly dark reality in the modern world, but Terror Man often treats the topic as a joke. This makes for some fun moments of black humor, but it can also be unsettling or immersion-breaking for some readers. The lack of depth in this regard also applies to many other parts of the series, with its characters generally being one-note and its plot often relying on contrivances. Many of these issues could stem from the story still being in its early stages, however, and may improve in future volumes.

Terror Man Is a Fun Ride Despite Its Flaws

Terror Man Cover

Despite its flaws, Terror Man is still an enjoyable read for people looking for a fun and easy read. Not every story needs to embrace the darkest aspects of real-world tragedies like other popular series such as Oshi no Ko. It can sometimes be fun just to revel in the lighter aspects of controversial issues, which the new Manhwa Terror Man perfectly illustrates.

Terror Man Volume 1 will be available to buy from ABLAZE on June 27th.

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