New Dead City Actor Explains How His Character Is A Threat To Negan

Warning: SPOILERS ahead for The Walking Dead: Dead City episode 2!The Walking Dead: Dead City star Gaius Charles teases how his new character, Perlie Armstrong, is a threat to Negan as he hunts him down for his crimes. Perlie is a Marshal for New Babylon, a location looking to bring law and order to the post-apocalyptic world. His current mission is to hunt down Negan in Manhattan after the former leader of the Saviors supposedly killed a magistrate and four other people.


Speaking with AMC Talk, Charles revealed how Perlie will be a major threat to Negan in The Walking Dead: Dead City. He explained how Perlie’s sense of justice means he wants to see Negan pay for his past crimes, seemingly stopping at nothing to do so. Check out what Charles had to say below:

For me, The Walking Dead has always been this iconic television show. It has an incredible cast and crew and amazing storytelling, so I was really excited to jump on board. What’s unique about Armstrong — and I think the fans will see too — is that he’s coming from a slightly different angle than a lot of the other storylines. He’s from New Babylon, and it’s a part of society that’s working to reestablish law and order, so I think that’s kind of unique. Watching the show myself and talking to fans about it, I know that what happened in Season 7 with Glenn’s murder by Negan was a very tragic event. What’s really cool about my character is that one of my central missions is to bring Negan to justice, so that’s how I tie in… and things unfold from there.

Will Perlie Armstrong Bring Negan To Justice?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan and Gaius Charles as Perlie Armstrong in The Walking Dead Dead City

While Perlie is hunting Negan for recent murders, Negan’s crimes stretch beyond those he’s most recently committed. When Negan was first introduced in The Walking Dead season 7, he used a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire to kill Abraham and Glenn, the latter of whom was Maggie’s husband. Negan waged a war with Alexandria and other communities in Virginia prior to his imprisonment and subsequent reformation.

While it seems Negan has been reformed since his days as leader of the Saviors, The Walking Dead: Dead City episode 2 featured a violent Negan callback, as he brutally gutted a member of The Croat’s Burazi. Because that violent streak still resides in him, Negan likely did kill the five people Perlie is seeking justice for. If Perlie manages to find Negan and Maggie in Manhattan, Perlie killing Negan would make his mission complete.

However, Negan has still been reformed, as evident by his continuing to help Maggie rescue Hershel from The Croat. The Walking Dead: Dead City episode 3 sees Perlie getting tortured by The Croat using Walkers, which could lead to Perlie and Negan having a common enemy. While Perlie is still trying to bring Negan to justice, The Croat’s status as The Walking Dead: Dead City‘s antagonist could give way to a reluctant alliance for the pair.

Source: AMC Talk

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