Neil Gaiman Responds To Major Good Omens Season 2 Leaks

Series creator Neil Gaiman is heartbroken that a major plot point for Good Omens season 2 has leaked prior to its release. Following on from the critically acclaimed season 1, Good Omens season 2 is currently slated to arrive on Prime Video on July 28. Unfortunately, due to a recent promotional video that was released by Amazon, a significant story point for the upcoming season was spoiled for many. While the video in question was later deleted, the damage had already been done, and screenshots now circulate online.


Now Gaiman himself has weighed in on the matter, taking to Tumblr to express his disappointment and to implore fans to steer clear of potential spoilers ahead of the Good Omens season 2 release date.

In a series of posts, he also explained that he was not angry with eager fans who may have already shared the information, but requests that “the leaked stuff goes away.” Gaiman also suggests that Amazon’s marketing people should have known better, but because he is currently on strike as a member of the Writers Guild of America, the promo in question was not run by him as it usually would have.

Why Good Omens Season 2 Should Remain A Surprise

Crowley making a disgusted face in Good Omens

Audiences going into Good Omens season 1 already had a good idea where the story would go thanks to the original book penned by both Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett. Initially only intended as a limited series, it came as some surprise when Amazon announced in 2021 that the show would be returning for season 2. Yet with season 1 already following the entirety of the original book, the announcement raised questions about what story Good Omens season 2 would follow.

Though Gaiman and Pratchett had previously outlined a potential sequel to their best-selling novel, intended to be called 668—The Neighbor of the Beast, Gaiman has suggested these ideas are not the basis for Good Omens season 2. Instead, the writer has hinted that those concepts may form the basis of “Season 3 if we get there.” As such, going into season 2, audiences only know as much information as Prime Video has already released by way of its promotional materials.

This distinct lack of more concrete information is actually a good thing, possibly equating to a far more surprising viewing experience than was ever possible during Good Omens season 1. Unfortunately, with this latest slip-up from Prime Video’s marketing team, a significant part of that surprise has now been spoiled for some. Hopefully, Good Omens fans who already know the spoiled plot points in question will heed Gaiman’s pleas and refrain from sharing them any further.

Source: Neil Gaiman/Tumblr

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