Miles Morales Gets Official Iron Spider Suit to Fight Carnage

Miles Morales is getting thrown through the ringer, but his newly teased Iron Spider suit could be the upgrade Spider-Man needs to take down Carnage. Carnage Reigns is proving to be an eccentric and exciting crossover story to kick off the Summer of Symbiotes event at Marvel Comics. In all the madness, Spider-Man has to protect the people of New York from themselves, Cletus Kasady’s Extremebiote, and Stark Sentinels, with little more than a motley crew of government-contracted rouges and fledgling superhero Red Goblin at his side. The battle seems dire as the event shifts into its third act, but Miles’ potential new battle armor could help turn the tide in his favor.


The possibility of Miles Morales debuting his own Iron Spider suit came to light through variant covers for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #7, as seen on League of Comic Geeks. Both Taurin Clarke and series artist Federico Vicentini were commissioned for variants for the upcoming issue, and each one previews Miles’ all-new Iron Spider suit. Clarke’s cover is part of a series of Carnage Reigns connecting variants, showing the all-new suit in action. Meanwhile, Vicentini’s art spotlights the design process behind the new Iron Spider. It balances the essential design cues of both a Miles Morales spider suit and an Iron Spider outfit, and the end result feels at once unique and familiar.

Miles Morales Gets the Chance to Put His Own Twist on the Iron Spider

Miles Morales 7 Clarke cover

Miles Morales Spider-Man #7 Vicentini Variant

Part of the fun of Miles Morales stories is how they showcase his different viewpoint from Peter Parker. Putting Miles in situations where he can engage with classic Spider-Man plots, iconography, and storytelling highlights the unique spin he puts on his heroics. Introducing totally original aspects to Spider-Man mythos is also key to what makes Miles a great character, as he charts new ground and remixes well-worn territory. Giving Miles Morales his own Iron Spider suit is another instance of this theme of the character getting to revitalize Spider-Man imagery his way.

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As far as how impactful this new costume will be in the story itself, the new Iron Spider’s debut issue is the penultimate installment of Carnage Reigns. This definitely suggests that Miles acquiring this new suit will be pivotal to any hopes the heroes have of defeating Cletus Kasady. What’s less clear is how the suit will come into Miles Morales’ possession. Could a combination of Kasady’s Extremis infection and Red Goblin’s ability to absorb symbiote matter play a role in creating the new Iron Spider? Or with all the Stark Sentinels also causing havoc, maybe a late appearance from Tony Stark will give Spidey the Iron Man treatment.

Carnage Reigns continues this week with Carnage #14, written by Alex Paknedal and drawn by Francesco Manna. It will be followed a week later by Miles Morales: Spider-Man #7, written by Cody Ziglar with art by Vicentini. Whether Miles gets his Iron Spider suit at the end of this week’s installment or next, it seems clear that fans will not have to wait long at all to see this Stark tech-infused upgrade in action. Even if Miles ultimately defeats Cletus Kasady, he unwittingly runs the risk of eliminating the only true threat left to the cosmically empowered Carnage symbiote. But for now, fans can rejoice at the rebirth of the Iron Spider as Miles Morales gears up for a deadly rematch against Kasady.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #7 will be available from Marvel Comics on June 21.

Source: League of Comic Geeks

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