MCU Phase 5 Makes Nick Fury’s Most Badass Avengers Line Even Better After 11 Years

WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS for Secret Invasion episode 1.

Nick Fury’s most badass line from The Avengers has become even better 11 years later, thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 5. Samuel L. Jackson has played Nick Fury right from the start of the MCU, appearing in 2008’s Iron Man, where he invited Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark to join the Avengers Initiative. The character would then see the team he had assembled come together to defend Earth from Loki in 2012’s The Avengers, a movie which contained Fury’s most badass line yet in the MCU, which was one of The Avengers‘ best quotes.


Now, 11 years after The Avengers, Marvel Studios is finally giving a payoff to that line in Phase 5. Nick Fury spent most of his time in the MCU as a supporting character, but that now gets to change with Disney+’s Secret Invasion. The series puts Fury in the spotlight, as the character must fend off an alien invasion on Earth. The invading beings are the Skrulls, who possess shape-shifting abilities that allow them to impersonate anyone, leading to the uncertainty over who Fury can trust. The thriller series acts as the perfect callback to Fury’s most badass The Avengers line.

Nick Fury Set Up Why He’s Perfect To Defeat The Skrulls In 2012

samuel l jackson as nick fury in captain marvel and secret invasion

In The Avengers, Fury talks to Loki about how wrong the villain was in messing with Earth, saying, “How desperate am I? You threaten my world with war, you steal a force you can’t hope to control, you talk about peace, and you kill ’cause it’s fun. You have made me very desperate. You might not be glad that you did.” That line sums up why Nick Fury is perfect to stop the Skrulls in Secret Invasion. In the series, Fury is put in a similar situation to that which his The Avengers line describes.

The Skrulls are infiltrating Earth, and the character does not know who to turn to due to the aliens’ shape-shifting powers. Following Maria Hill’s death at the end of Secret Invasion‘s premiere episode, Fury can only trust Talos, but even he is compromised by his blind faith in his daughter, G’iah, who sides with the invading Skrulls. Fury is desperate, and he will be seeing red for the rest of the series after Hill’s death, which will show the Skrulls and Sonya Falsworth how scared they should be of him, paying off Fury’s The Avengers line.

Fury’s Avengers Line Better Explains Why The Avengers Are Missing

nick fury in secret invasion and the avengers in mcu endgame

While Secret Invasion could have worked as Avengers 5‘s story, the event was turned into a Disney+ series, and the smaller scale of the plot made it impossible for the Avengers to be a part of it. However, Fury’s The Avengers line makes the perfect case for the absence of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes from Secret Invasion being good.

Fury taking on a Skrull invasion on Earth without calling the Avengers might seem like a narrow idea, but the fact that the hero is now pretty much alone and desperate leads to an interesting character study that Jackson has not really had the chance to play with in the MCU. The absence of the Avengers allows Fury to be in the situation he describes to Loki in his iconic The Avengers line in Secret Invasion, with the payoff to that quote coming 11 years later.

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