Mashle’s Finale Shows What Mash’s True Magic Is

Warning: contains HUGE SPOILERS for the finale of Mashle: Magic and MusclesThe one overriding goal of Mash, Lance, Dot, and the other magic school students in Mashle: Magic and Muscles has always been to achieve Divine Visionary status. Due to his inability to use magic, Mash was supposedly always at an unresolvable disadvantage, but the finale of the manga proves what the ultimate form of magic actually is.

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In Hajime Komota’s Mashle: Magic and Muscles, the majority of the population can use magic, and the better able one is at using magic the more rich, powerful, and influential one will be. Conversely, at the lower end of the social spectrum are non-magic users or people who have no ability to use magic. As they are quite powerless, non-magic users are customarily discriminated against, and rarely – if ever to hold positions of power. Mash Burnedead was born without the ability to use magic, which wouldn’t have been a problem until he was spotted by the police in the city. The only way for Mash to keep living his peaceful life with his adoptive father was to achieve the coveted status of “Divine Visionary” and change the rules of the world.

Mash’s Finale Proves What The Protagonist’s True Magic Is

Mash receives the status of Divine Visionary in the Mashle manga

Divine Visionaries are normally magic users of exceptional ability and are tasked with protecting the country from both internal and external threats. The only way to achieve that status is to graduate from Easton Magic Academy with the best votes and achievements, which Mash set out to do thanks to the reality-bending power of his muscles. While busy with that, Mash also got entangled into the plan of his real father, Innocent Zero, to conquer the world. Chapter #161 of Mashle, the penultimate in the series, shows the conclusion of Mash’s epic battle against Innocent Zero, with the ultimate triumph of muscles over magic. For saving the world, Mash was also awarded his ultimate prize and goal.

Becoming a Divine Visionary is no easy task, and the fact that Mash accomplished it without using magic is a testament not just to his ridiculous strength, which allowed him to even move an entire continent, but also to his willpower. While Mashle is ultimately a comedy series, which can be described as “Harry Potter meets One-Punch Man“, there is also a powerful, underlying message about discrimination and the importance to strive for one’s dreams, no matter how unrealistic they may seem.

Mash’s Muscles And Willpower Changed The Laws Of The World


During the story, Mash was constantly overlooked and even mocked by powerful magic users who got used to their status in the world, only to be proven wrong. Mash achieving the status of Divine Visionary, complete with his own uniform with a fist symbol on it, thus, is more than the accomplishment of the boy’s dream of a peaceful life, and a message for the entire world. Mash proved to be the definition of a Divine Visionary, despite having no ability to use magic, and in the process he changed the world of Mashle: Magic and Muscles, bringing the story to its perfect conclusion.

The latest chapter of Mashle: Magic and Muscles is available from Viz Media. Season 1 of the Mashle anime is currently streaming on Crunchyroll.

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