Marvel’s Spider-Man’s 10 Coolest Suits, Ranked

Swinging through the digital streets of New York has never been more entertaining than with Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s remarkable collection of jaw-dropping suits. The Wallcrawler has an extensive assortment of suit choices that will be the envy of every other superhero, and the Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man series for PS4 and PS5 took that aspect to a whole new level by ensuring that each suit carries a distinct narrative essence. Players will be forgiven for being indecisive with a vast range of suits to pick from in the Webslinger’s wardrobe, each with unique abilities and design. From classic looks to cutting-edge designs, these suits have won fans’ hearts and intensified the gameplay experience thrill factor.

The suits are not just for cosmetic or aesthetic purposes but have always been integral to Spider-Man’s identity. Each suit captures the essence of Spider-Man while introducing exciting features and adding a strategic element to the game mechanics. The attention to detail is visual; whether it’s the classic suits adapted from the original comic book design or the futuristic suits that embrace the technological advancement of PS4 and PS5, the gameplay mechanics of these suits are truly commendable, making them more than just eye candy.

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10 Homemade Suit

spider-man-homecoming-suit-ps4 II

A testament to Peter Parker’s resourcefulness and ingenuity in Marvel’s Spider-Man, made entirely from makeshift materials, this piece is a reminder of Spidey’s beginnings. It’s rough-around-the-edges appearance and simplistic style donned with a homespun web shooter that adds a layer of authenticity to it.

The suit features a red sleeveless hoodie complemented by blue sweatpants, red sneakers, and a mask fitted with goggles to conceal his identity. Insomniac Games took inspiration from Spider-Man’s MCU debut costume in Captain America: Civil War and his solo run in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The suits’ in-game design religiously replicates the one from the movies, allowing players to experience Peter Parker’s modest craftsmanship.

9 Anti-Ock Suit

Anti Ock III

The Anti-Ock suit features upgraded armor and advanced technology to counter Doctor Octopus’ threat. Its sleek black and yellow design exudes a remarkable sense of style; it also features a prominent emblem of a yellow spider on the chest and a pair of luminous eye lenses. Additionally, the Marvel’s Spider-Man suit enhances Spider-Man’s physical attributes and incorporates an array of specialized gadgets like augmented web shooters and an in-game resupply power system providing Spidey with the necessary edge to take down his nemesis.

8 Vintage Comic Book Suit

vintage comicbook suit

A nostalgic throwback to Spider-Man’s early days, this Marvel’s Spider-Man suit embodies the essence of classic Spider-Man with its vibrant colors and comic book-inspired textures. It features a black webbing pattern and a vivid red and blue backdrop, giving players a sensation of flipping through the pages of their classic comic books. Insomniac Games did well to pay deserved tributes to the medium that brought the Wallcrawler to life, serving as a reminder of the enduring charm that has made Spider-Man an indispensable part of popular culture.

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7 Scarlet Spider Suit

scarlet spider suit

The suit worn by Ben Reilly, Peter Parker’s clone, inspired the Scarlet Spider costume in Marvel’s Spider-Man. It has a predominantly red color scheme, a blue sleeveless hoodie with a large black spider emblem across the chest. It features a web shooter and a utility belt, and the suit has a special ability that allows Spider-Man to generate a group of holographic clones of himself that stuns enemies in the game. Its unique approach and narrative significance perfectly rendered the essence of a beloved character while offering a fresh take on Spider-Man.

6 Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit

spider-man black 2099 suit

The Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit is based on the futuristic world of Miguel O’Hara, an engineer who alters his DNA to become Spider-Man. The suit is primarily deep blue colored with red accents and a massive red spider insignia that covers the entire chest region. It also features red spikes and retractable talons that are effective in combat. Additionally, it allows the web-slinger to glide with its built-in web wings. Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s 2099 suit is perfect for players who want to feel part of a futuristic world in the game.

5 Iron Spider Suit

iron spider suit III

A high-tech masterpiece that highlights Tony Stark’s innovative capabilities. The Iron Spider Suit made its movie debut in the blockbuster Avengers: Infinity War, and the creators at Insomniac Games were quick to initiate it into the game. The suit features retractable spider legs that provide additional mobility and combat capabilities. The sleek design and metallic red and gold color scheme make it a standout choice. A specialized nano-tech suit that fuses Spider-Man’s acrobatic abilities with Iron Man’s cutting-edge engineering to provide optimal defense against threats in the streets of New York and beyond.

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4 Stealth Suit


A specialized costume designed to enhance stealth capabilities, Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s Stealth suit was introduced into the game after it appeared in 2019’s Spider-Man: Far From Home, where it was given to Peter Parker by Nick Fury. The suit is mainly black with intricate web patterns in dark shades of gray; the face is covered by a black mask with expressive goggles. The base material is made from a unique lightweight fabric that dampens sounds and minimizes friction, allowing Spider-Man to move silently and undetected.

3 Spirit Spider Suit

spirit spider suit

The Spirit Spider Suit embodies an otherworldly variant of the friendly neighborhood superhero. It is a fusion of supernatural elements and Spider-Man’s iconic design, resulting in a mysterious appearance. Its design embraces a black theme with subtle accents of a ghost white and blue, featuring a spider emblem on its chest and a skull that burns in blue flames, much like the Ghost Rider’s. Originally worn by a tyrannical alternate universe Peter Parker who stole powers from Spider-Men from other universes, the suit is ideal for Marvel’s Spider-Man players looking to inject a touch of eerie atmosphere into their gameplay.

2 Classic Suit (Damaged)

Classic suit (damaged) ps4

The quintessential attire that started it all, its timeless design, familiar red and blue color scheme, and a small black spider logo on the chest make it a fan favorite. It also incorporates a unique type of web shooter that blends with the red, and white-colored eye lenses that are black around the edges. The Marvel’s Spider-Man suit was significantly damaged after Spider-Man faced off with Kingpin at the beginning of the game, but was later upgraded after Kingpin was defeated in the story mode.

1 Advanced Suit

Spider-Man_PS4_advanced suit

Designed specifically for Marvel’s Spider-Man by Insomniac, and a testament to the evolution of Spider-Man’s character in the gaming universe, the Advanced Suit combines classic Spider-Man core elements with modern design. While the red and blue colors help maintain Spider-Man’s iconic colors, the large white emblem made of carbon fiber, which serves a specific purpose during combat, and newly-designed feet guards are indicative of the suit’s technological advancement. The suit is easily unlocked in the story mode, giving players a chance to unleash its full potential. The Advanced Suit’s origin has a twist behind it in Marvel’s Spider-Man as Otto Octavius, one of Spidey’s main foes, helped him to create the suit.

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