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Amazon Prime Day is almost here and the epic deals will all be landing on July 11th and 12th, 2023. But shoppers don’t have to wait until then to start taking advantage of some of the massive discounts that Amazon and its brands are dropping, as Early Prime Deals have already begun and will be continuing to drop every day, offering huge savings on a wide range of products, from electronics like TVs and gaming merch to wearable tech, devices for the home, and everything else!

And toys and collectibles are not exempt from the big discounts and cuts, and no one is left out here in terms of age group and interest. So if you’re looking for some unique baby toys, a gift for your pre-teen kids, or maybe even a little Marvel collectible for yourself, now is the time to take advantage. With Prime Membership, you’re guaranteed fast and free shipping and access to a ton of deals that no one else can get, so make sure to activate your free trial before you start shopping. And take note, some of these deals only run for a limited time!

Some of these deals are exclusive to Prime members, but don’t fret! New members can try Prime for 30 days, free.

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The Best Toy & Collectible Deals – Under $25

Lando with Milennium Falcon Funko

Lando Calrissian in The Millenium Falcon Funko Pop – Amazon Exclusive

$15 $65 Save

Deals like this don’t come along that often when it comes to Funko Pop! collectibles, especially those related to Star Wars. This is the Amazon Exclusive Lando Calrissian in the Millenium Falcon and Lando looks totally adorable as he takes command of the falcon here, complete with his bobblehead and 5.31-inch stature. He probably won’t stick around for long!

Retevis Kids Walkie Talkies

Retevis RT628 Kids Walkie Talkies

$15 $25 Save

Walkie-talkies are a classic kids’ toy and never go out of date, so what better time than to pass on that favorite toy that you grew up with with this great deal? The Retevis Kids Walkie-Talkies are super cool and easy to use for kids 5 and up. They feature a crystal clear LCD screen and fun camouflage, making them the perfect toy for adventures or camping. As long as the kids are on the same channel (choice of 22) they’ll have no trouble hearing each other.

Pokemon Lightning Box Bundle 50 Card Set

Pokémon Lightning Card Collection – Ultra Rare Bundle

$17 $30 Save

Calling all Pokémon fans! This is the chance to get a great deal on a rare bundle of cards that you won’t want to pass up. Guaranteed 100% authentic, purchasers will get Pokémon cards from booster boxes both old and new, and may include anything from Shining Fates, Battle Styles, Hidden Fates, Sun and Moon, Champions Path, Vivid Voltage, Lost Thunder, Crimson Invasion and Sword and Shield cards. This bundle includes 50 cards, including 2 foil cards, 2 rare cards, 1 random legendary ultra-rare card, plus a Lightning Card Collection Deck Box to catch them all!

Huijing Toddler Activities Preschool Learning Busy Book

Huijing Toddler Activities Preschool Learning Busy Book

$22 $43 Save

The perfect thing for the toddler in your life, this Montessori-style busy book has 15 themes and 14 drawing and writing pages, including letters, numbers, colors, fruits, color sorting, vegetables, shapes, food, animals, animal puzzles, transportation, body parts, transportation puzzles, toy storage, and clothing. Best of all, it has an easy-erase surface for kids to write and practice on and fun velcro hidden windows. This is a must-have for any preschool or homeschooler. Comes with 8 colored pens. 

Here’s a broad selection of great deals for those looking for budget gifts or just a few great deals at a lower price point! Star Wars fanatics who have that Funko wall in their home aren’t going to want to miss out on this adorable Lando at the helm of the Falcon to add to their collection. Available at a huge discount, this is an Amazon Exclusive Funko Pop! and one that will just look great on the shelf.

For the adventurers in your life, walkie-talkies make a great gift and the Retevis Kids Walkie-Talkies can be used at a long-range, so whether the kids are inside building forts or camping in the woods and running around, these are sure to be a great toy to bring along. They are easy to use and once the kids know how to change the channel, they’ll be able to use them within minutes.

RELATED: The Best Fidget Toys For KidsOn to a great gaming card deal, the massive Pokémon universe never gets old and its enduring popularity means that cards are always going to be a great buy. But rarely are they at such a good deal for a 50-card bundle. This bundle from Lightning Cards has the extra bonus of coming with its own durable carrying/storage box, and your Pokémon champ is guaranteed to get a good mix of foil and rare cards in here that will bring a smile to their face.

Finally, something for the early learners, the Montessori Toddler Activities Preschool Learning Busy Book from Huijing is interactive and fun, with markers and a wipe-off surface, and moveable parts like velcro. Bright and engaging images will teach your toddler new vocabulary and is sure to keep them entertained while they learn everything from shapes to animals and clothing.

The Best Toy & Collectible Deals – $25 To $50

Jasonwell 65pcs Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks Set

Jasonwell 65pcs Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks Set

$25 $44 Save

The Jasonwell 65pcs Magnetic Tiles Building Blocks Set will provide hours of fun for kids of all ages and the worlds they build are only limited by their imagination. Combinable with other Jasonwell sets, buy multiples or the 100 piece set to make huge castles or just one 65 piece set for an endless number of creative projects. Complete with strong magnets, pieces come in many shapes and sizes and rounded edges that aren’t sharp, so it’s safe and fun to use. Durable, colorful, and educational.

Marvel Figures 8 Pack

Marvel Avengers Action Figures 8 Pack

$33 $50 Save

This Marvel Super Hero 8 pack includes everyone’s favorite supes all come to life in miniature with their movie-inspired design and accessories. Pack comes with Hulk, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Black Panther, Captain America, Spider-Man, Marvel’s War Machine, and Marvel’s Falcon. Perfect for the collector or those kids who want to play out their favorite movie battle scenes.

Sloosh XL Inflatable Tanning Pool Lounge Float

Sloosh XL Inflatable Tanning Pool Lounge Float

$30 $50 Save

This isn’t just a pool toy, it’s a massive tanning lounge that can fit up to two people! The Sloosh XL Inflatable Lounge Float is a huge 85×57-inches in size with an inflatable base for extra comfort, two drink holders, one removable headrest, and a wrap-around rope to make hop-on and hop-off easy. Grab a book and a drink, this is a toy for the grown-ups to enjoy this summer – and at a steal!

Something for all ages in this price range, we start out by highlighting a super popular toy with kids right now – magnetic tiles. These almost look like stained glass and are fun, and challenging, and help build skills like problem-solving and creativity. What’s great about these is its kind of like LEGO in that you can buy more packs as you go along to add on and make even bigger structures, but this standard 65-piece set is a good start.

No deals list is complete without a nod to everyone’s favorite supes, and this Marvel action figure 8 pack is a good starting set for any kid. While they aren’t as big or as fully poseable as other figs, they are fun set to have in any kid’s collection and this great price shouldn’t be missed.

RELATED: The Best Marvel CollectiblesBut toys aren’t just for kids and that’s why we’ve included this massive pool bed, perfect for tanning, reading, and just lounging around. The lounger can easily fit two people and is perfect for that trip to the lake this year. But why share? You’ll definitely be the envy of all your friends as you float around with a good book in hand, working on that perfect tan.

The Best Toy & Collectible Deals – $50 To $100



$60 $100 Save

It’s going to be difficult to let your kids get a chance to take this Riaario RC car for a spin because it’s just too much fun. The RIAARIO 1:18 RC Car is crazy fast, boasting a powerful super 380 motor, at 20000 RPM and a top speed of 36 KPH. It’s also been built with an upgraded drive train and overheat protection, guaranteeing smoother operation. The car can run for up to 40 minutes on two 7.4V 1300 mAh high-capacity batteries. 

Soliwood Octagonal Sandbox

Soliwood Octagonal Sandbox

Kids love sandboxes, digging in the sand, and building sandcastles, and this will probably always be a thing! But instead of relying on dirty and sometimes dangerous public sandboxes in parks, wouldn’t it be nice to have your own large, well-built sandbox in your backyard? The Soliwood sandbox is a large octagonal sandbox made with solid wood and bench seating. 85x78x9 inches in size, the sandbox is quick and easy to assemble and you can rely on it for years with its angle iron posts. 

Indoor play tent

Tiny Land Play Tent with Mat and Lights

$53 $100 Save

Let your kids live out all their wildest dreams with this huge play tent from Tiny Land. It’s a house, it’s a castle, and anything else they want it to be, the Tiny Land Play Tent with Mat and Lights comes complete with a mat and lights so they can play at any time of day or even have a fun living room sleepover! Whether this is used as a cute reading nook in the corner or taken outside on sunny days, this 52x35x53 inch tent will provide years of entertainment and, best of all, it can be assembled in 15 minutes with NO TOOLS.

Toys for the outdoors and toys for the indoor adventurer, some of the best Amazon Prime Early Access Deals are in the $50 to $100 range and shouldn’t be missed. Starting with the Riaario RC car, parents will want to grab a couple of these because not only will it make for some fun races, but you won’t want to give this back to your kid once you try it out. They can really fly!

Every little kid loves a sandbox at some point, especially those obsessed with trucks, digging, and building sandcastles. This Soliwood Octagonal Sandbox is a great buy for a well-built and sturdy solid wood sandbox and it is sure to last for years. Once the kids are grown, it can double as a well-made garden box.

The Tiny Land Play Tent beats a blanket fort any day, hands down, and it’s much easier for parents to assemble. For the price, this tent offers great value right now because it also comes with a super soft playmat for the inside, as well as some cute lighting. This doesn’t have to be planted right in the middle of the living room floor, either, it makes a great addition to a bedroom corner as a peaceful reading nook, a private hangout spot, or a sleepover tent with friends. Kids can even set it outside on the lawn on nice days.

Does Everything Go On Sale On Prime Day?

Prime Day and the weeks leading up to the big 48 hours is a great time to hurry to buy some toys and even stock up for upcoming gifts, as tons of popular toys and huge brand names go on sale. But it’s not just toys that go on sale during this time. Nearly everything on the site is offered at a discount, culminating in thousands of items. That said, some of the biggest price cuts on Prime Day can be found on Amazon’s own products, like Echo Dots, Kindles, Fire TVs, etc.

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