Marvel Confirms Why Scarlet Witch NEEDS To Be On The Avengers

Warning: Contains spoilers for Avengers #1!Marvel has confirmed why the Scarlet Witch must be a member of the new team of Avengers that Captain Marvel has assembled. Wanda Maximoff has been an on-again, off-again member of the Avengers for many years, but has been absent from the team for some time. But now, the Scarlet Witch is getting her life back on track, and with this new direction comes a new stint with the Avengers, and the first issue of their new series confirms why Scarlet Witch belongs with them.


Avengers #1 is written by Jed MacKay, drawn by CF Villa, colored by Federico Blee and lettered by Cory Petit. The time has come for a new Avengers team–and a new leader: Captain Marvel. She travels around recruiting members including Iron Man, Black Panther, Captain America (Sam Wilson) and others. Captain Marvel then pays a call on the Scarlet Witch at her Emporium headquarters in New York. Thanks to her magic, Wanda already knows the reason for Captain Marvel’s visit–and she agrees to join the Avengers. She explains to Carol that the Avengers were the “one point of stability” in her life, and when they call–she answers. Later, with the new team in place, the Scarlet Witch plays a big role in defeating Terminus.

Scarlet Witch Was Lost Before Joining the Avengers

Scarlet Witch Avengers

Although the Scarlet Witch has been associated with the Avengers throughout her career, it did not start this way. Introduced as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the Scarlet Witch, alongside her brother Quicksilver, joined the Avengers during the “Cap’s Kooky Quartet” era. She would serve with the team on and off through the early-2000s. During 2005’s House of M event, the Scarlet Witch lost control of her fragile mental state and rewrote reality to her whims. This event cast a long shadow over her life and career, but recently, in the pages of her new ongoing, the Scarlet Witch has been taking back her life. She has opened the Emporium, and offers her services for those wayward souls who find her—and now, Wanda’s big comeback continues, with a spot on Captain Marvel’s new Avengers team.

Wanda Needs the Avengers Even More Than They Need Her

Wanda Maximoff's Scarlet Witch in new Marvel Comics Series

The Scarlet Witch is right: the Avengers have offered her far more stability than any other team she has been a part of, including the X-Men. Prior to joining the team, she fought alongside Magneto, Blob and the rest of the Brotherhood. However, after joining the Avengers, the Scarlet Witch found purpose; furthermore, she would meet the Vision, the love of her life, while serving with the team. Wanda left the Avengers in the early 2000s; shortly thereafter, House of M happened and she lost control. Years later, her path to redemption began with the Uncanny Avengers team–a path that has led her to now. The Scarlet Witch is a natural fit for the Avengers.

The last year has seen some of the biggest developments in the Scarlet Witch’s life. She has at long last come to terms with her past, and has a new base of operations and a new assistant–and she has rejoined the Avengers, the one place she truly belonged. Her status on the Avengers has been one of the few stable factors in the Scarlet Witch’s life, and her return to the team continues her comeback.

The Avengers #1 is on sale now from Marvel Comics!

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