Mark Hamill Wants You To Help Save This Canceled NBC Sitcom

Star Wars icon Mark Hamill has gone to bat for American Auto. The sitcom, which stars Ana Gasteyer, Harriet Dyer, and Jon Barinholtz among others, is a workplace sitcom that follows employees of Detroit’s Payne Motors after a clueless new CEO is hired. This month, NBC canceled the series following April’s season 2 finale.


Today, Mark Hamill took to Twitter to throw his hat in the ring to help save American Auto.

When Gasteyer shared a link to a petition where fans can ask for the show to bring back American Auto, Hamill quote tweeted it with an impassioned plea to save the series. He called the show “so smart and SO funny” and reminded readers that Brooklyn 99 and Taxi were resurrected after they were originally canceled.

Could American Auto Find a New Home?

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As Hamill states, it’s not unprecedented for sitcoms to find new homes after they’re canceled at their original networks. In Brooklyn 99‘s case, it was actually picked up by NBC itself after being canceled at Fox. Formerly canceled NBC sitcoms have also been able to find new homes elsewhere, including Community (which aired season 6 on Yahoo! Screen), Scrubs (which aired its last two seasons on ABC), and Diff’rent Strokes (which similarly moved to ABC).

However, there is one factor that may be the nail in the coffin for American Auto. Currently, the 2023 writers strike is still ongoing as the WGA continues to fight for fair compensation, restrictions on AI use, and residuals for streaming titles. Because writers rooms are currently on pause, there aren’t many networks and streamers who would likely be happy taking on the risk of a new scripted series at this time.

In addition, even though ABC has a history of picking up NBC sitcoms, their upcoming season is entirely strike-proof, largely comprising unscripted shows. This particular issue is one that has faced many recently canceled shows including CW castoffs like the Supernatural prequel The Winchesters and Walker: Independence. If American Auto ever comes back, it could potentially be after a gap of several years once the writers strike (and a potential upcoming actors strike) has been settled.

Source: Mark Hamill/Twitter

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