MAFS Stars Gina & Clint Reveal Why Their Marriage Failed

In an exclusive from the Married At First Sight season 16 reunion, Clint Webb and Gina Micheletti discussed their decision to divorce and share more about the lack of connection between them. Throughout MAFS season 16, it has been difficult at times to watch Clint and Gina navigating their relationship. While Clint and Gina were hopeful they’d make a genuine connection, things deteriorated quickly between the couple when Clint spoke about his disappointment in Gina’s body. He felt that she was less toned than women he’s dated in the past, and felt that it was necessary to make that clear in front of their fellow MAFS couples, which embarrassed Gina.


While the couple tried to work through their issues throughout the season, it was clear their relationship wasn’t moving forward. Clint and Gina chose to separate on Decision Day, both making it clear during the MAFS reunion that their choice was difficult. According to People, Clint explained they had glimpses of a strong relationship and tried to put in the work. “We did everything we could,” Clint shared in the clip. “We just couldn’t get there at the end of the day.” While Gina spoke minimally during the segment, it seemed clear that she was in agreement with Clint that their marriage wasn’t something that worked for her.

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MAFS Clint Webb Gina Micheletti

During the exclusive sneak peek, Clint and Gina shared the details of how they tried to make their relationship work. Gina explained that things were off from the beginning. “We never felt the initial spark, and I think we really tried to get there, and continue to look for it, and we never got there.” Both spoke candidly about the issues that held them back, as well, with Clint once again citing Gina’s outward appearance. He shared that while the experts “nailed it” with Gina, he’s used to a “well-manicured” woman, though he’s dated women of all varieties. “We just didn’t jive in that way,” Clint revealed.

Though Clint and Gina claim that they worked hard to keep their relationship afloat, it’s clear there were hurdles from the beginning that they seemed to understand they wouldn’t get over. With Clint not feeling much physical attraction to Gina from the start and making that clear, the walls Gina put up upon hearing that her newfound spouse didn’t like her body must have been high. Throughout the preview, Clint is doing the majority of the speaking. He shares about his lack of attraction and the couple’s lack of spark. It’s possible that knowing Clint wasn’t interested genuinely left Gina feeling hurt and squandered away any interest she’d have, too.

Married At First Sight often has varying results, with some couples staying together while others lose interest. Clint and Gina seemed to be a couple that wouldn’t make it from the start, but they did choose to see the experiment through regardless. With their lack of physical connection, their relationship wouldn’t have worked as a marriage. Potentially, though, these Married At First Sight exes could thrive in a friendship with one another.

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