M3GAN Gets Assessed By A Child Psychologist As “Clinically Spot On” (But There’s One Major Correction)?

A therapist breaks down the smash hit horror movie M3GAN and proclaims it spot-on in its psychology, except for one correction. Released in early 2023, M3GAN rode a hugely successful viral marketing campaign to gross $179 million worldwide on a budget of $12 million. It’s since been revealed that there’s more killer doll mayhem coming, as a M3GAN sequel is confirmed to be in the works.

As horror fans await more news on the promised M3GAN 2, a therapist has looked back at the first film and broke down its handling of matters like childhood grief, revealing that there’s more to M3GAN than just a wild horror movie. Appearing on the series Cinema Therapy, therapist Jonathan Decker and filmmaker Alan Seawright tackled M3GAN’s depiction of child psychology, and gave the film high marks for believability. “It’s really smart, really dramatically sound, well-acted, really funny, and clinically spot-on,” Decker proclaimed in his final diagnosis. There was one thing Decker did have to correct however, as he addressed the film’s characterization of attachment theory, and pointed out that the movie didn’t quite get it right. Check out what he said in the space below (around 17:30 of the clip):

When she says, “Have you heard of attachment theory?” and then she goes on to talk about when a child loses a parent or primary caregiver they form attachments with somebody else and, that’s only tangentially related to attachment theory … Attachment theory is about secure attachments versus insecure attachments, and she speaks about it as if attachment theory were about being orphaned. … Katie is forming a secure attachment in the sense that, M3GAN is there for her, M3GAN is nurturing, M3GAN is welcoming, M3GAN is loving and M3GAN is again, I just said this but, always there, and so we form insecure attachments when we feel like someone might not be there for us, or they’re there for us inconsistently, either literally or emotionally, or that someone is abusive or neglectful. This leads to insecure attachment, and secure attachment is what Katie is forming with M3GAN except for M3GAN’s a serial killer.

M3GAN 2 Is Not Being Rushed, And That’s Good News

Megan looking sinisterly in M3GAN

News of a coming M3GAN 2.0 (as the sequel is officially being called) broke back in January as the first film was still enjoying its successful box office run, but with an announced release date of January 17, 2025, it was obvious the sequel would not be arriving quickly. Speaking to Empire Magazine, producer Jason Blum explained the desire to not rush production on M3GAN 2.0:

“We’ve got to write a script. I mean, you’ve gotta give us a little bit of time. The creative process suffers when you [rush]. You pretend you’re not making compromises, but you always do. So I wanted to give us enough time to make the movie great, and we have that now. And we have the whole team coming back, we’re not having to hire a writer or director – all those people are in place.”

The weeks since M3GAN 2.0 was announced have of course seen a big development in the ongoing WGA strike, which has put the brakes on numerous important movie and TV projects. Thankfully, Blum and company gave themselves plenty of breathing room by putting off M3GAN 2.0’s release date until 2025, perhaps in anticipation of the looming strike. This means the returning creative team of director Gerard Johnstone and writers Akela Cooper and James Wan should still have more than enough time to get the sequel script finished and get the movie made in time to meet their original release date. Without a time squeeze, the writers should be able to put the same care and research into the sequel that they put into the original M3GAN to make it so psychologically spot-on.

Source: Cinema Therapy

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