Love Is Blind Season 5 Teaser Shows A More Psychological Side To The Experiment

Love Is Blind season 5 will be returning to Netflix in September, and recently teased the new season with a refreshing new clip. One of the most-watched reality TV series on the streaming platform, Love Is Blind, has become one of the most notable shows on Netflix. Bringing together couples who fall in love in pods, never having seen one another before, the show’s premise asks the participants to try and see past physical looks to see if they can form a deeper connection. While this doesn’t always work out in the long run, Love Is Blind has been successful with many of their couples over the years.


While the series has received some flack for allegations of harsh conditions, the show has become more popular than ever in recent seasons. With Love Is Blind stars like Tiffany Pennywell and Brett Brown sharing their lives online after their experience on the series, many have enjoyed watching the love stories from the series become successful outside the show. Despite the disastrous Love Is Blind season 4 reunion, the upcoming season has generated a ton of buzz. With a brand-new teaser that shows a vulnerable moment between contestants, Love Is Blind season 5 already looks well worth the watch.

Love Is Blind Season 5 Teases A Raw Conversation

In the Love Is Blind season 5 teaser, a couple was shown in the pod phase of the series. Both seemed nervous, but there was an ease they had with one another already. The man decided to share that he’s been engaged before, clearly nervous to tell one of his prospects about his past. With a sigh of relief, the woman in the teaser shared that she’s been married and divorced before. The couple spoke candidly about their fears before the woman was shown in an interview segment explaining some issues she’d experienced in her past, saying, “my mom says, like, ‘maybe you’re not meant to be in a relationship.'”

Will Love Is Blind Season 5 Dig Deeper?

Love is Blind season 4 cast and hosts at the reunion

With some raw new material in the Love Is Blind season 5 teaser, it’s clear that the series is hoping to address some of the issues from its past. After allegations surfaced about some issues within the Love Is Blind production team, including the accusation that they’re psychologically harming contestants, the show’s commitment to telling deeper more meaningful stories seems pointed. The woman in the clip opened up about her past, talking about her family situation and some deep-rooted issues she may be bringing into her relationships. It’s possible that Love Is Blind season 5 will try, as they say in the teaser, to “go beyond the surface.”

With Love Is Blind season 5 coming to Netflix in September 2023, there’s still quite some time before the show airs. More information regarding the upcoming may be released throughout the summer, including how the show is dealing with the fallout from their grave accusations. With the release of the Love Is Blind season 5 teaser, it’s clear that the series is going to be back and providing an even deeper look into its participants, as well as their relationships, with the newest season.

Source: Netflix US/Instagram

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