Live-Action Snow White Remake’s Evil Queen Voice Change Teased By Gal Gadot

Snow White star Gal Gadot teases about portraying the Evil Queen in Disney’s upcoming live-action remake. The 1937 musical fantasy was Disney’s first animated feature film, adapting the Brothers Grimm fairy tale and helping pave the way for the company’s long legacy. Voiced by Lucille la Verne in the original movie, the Evil Queen’s jealousy of Snow White (Adriana Caselotti) led to her orchestrating various schemes to kill her stepdaughter.

With Gadot having donned her Evil Queen make-up, the star has opened up about how she crafted her portrayal of the live-action Snow White villain to Vogue Hong Kong. Stating that she had fun with the role, Gadot explained that the role of Evil Queen allowed her to experiment and try new things to have a more animated performance, including changing her voice that would fit the character. Check out Gadot’s full explanation below:

I don’t have a preferred type of character. I think it was so much fun to play the Evil Queen. There was something so delicious with this part because it’s a fairy tale. It’s the first Disney villain. And because it’s a musical, I could stretch my performance and make it so much more dramatic and so much more animated, that it was just simply delightful. I enjoyed it, and I changed my voice and I did all these different things. And it was just super fun, and I can’t wait to watch it. I can’t wait to see how you know how it all turns out.

Snow White May Be One Of Disney’s Most Difficult Live-Action Remakes Yet

Original animated Snow White talkings to an old lady in Snow White

Alongside Gadot, the Snow White cast includes Rachel Zegler and Martin Kleppa as the titular princess and Grumpy. Dujonna Gift and Colin Michael Carmichael have been cast in currently undisclosed roles, while Andrew Burnap is set to portray a new character known as Jonathan. 500 Days of Summer and The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb helmed the movie, and Barbie director Greta Gerwig and The Girl on the Train screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson developed the screenplay. Despite the talent involved in the production, the upcoming live-action remake still faces an incredible amount of pressure due to the source material’s impact.

As Disney’s first animated feature, Snow White not only established conventions repeated or intentionally subverted by the company’s following productions but has been watched by many generations since its release. The live-action remake faces the difficult task of finding ways to stand apart as its own definitive movie, which a number of Disney’s live-action remakes have encountered. However, with Zegler being surprised by positive reactions at D23, where footage of the upcoming remake was teased, it is clear that there is a fair amount of optimism for the remake ahead of its 2024 release.

As Disney celebrates 100 years of filmmaking, there will be questions about how the Snow White remake will revisit the original source and its approach. With the star’s description of how she approached her role, it is clear that while the production is bringing these characters into live-action, the crew has also done their best to replicate the fantastical elements and tones of the original work. Furthermore, with Gadot being well known for her action-oriented, more heroic roles, many filmgoers may be curious just how the star approaches playing a classic villain like Disney’s first major antagonist.

Source: Vogue Hong Kong

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