Jewish Matchmaking Season 2: Everything We Know

Jewish Matchmaking, a spin-off of the popular Netflix series Indian Matchmaking, may be returning for another season, and it’s time to discuss the details we know. Following the matchmaking clients of Aleeza Ben Shalom, a professional matchmaker for those who observe the Jewish faith, the series documents dates and relationships set up by Aleeza. As Aleeza gets to know her clients, she tries to assess what’s important to them in a partner, and finds them suitable matches. Though she’s not always successful, Aleeza has been able to match many of her clients, who end up in long-term relationships.

After Jewish Matchmaking season 1 brought viewers into the world of Jewish relationships, the prolific matchmaker Aleeza got noticed. The series not only shared the romantic aspects of matchmaking, but made it clear that there’s a lot more to matchmaking within a religion than just sharing attraction. For example, Aleeza brought attention to the sects of Judaism, explaining the difference between Sephardic and Ashkenazi, as well as bringing the idea of a Flexidox Jew to the public eye. Though some of Aleeza’s matches during Jewish Matchmaking season 1 fell flat, Jewish Matchmaking season 2 would still be an interesting binge.

Jewish Matchmaking Season 2 News

montage of Aleeza from Jewish Matchmaking montage in two different outfits

Though Jewish Matchmaking season 1 was tremendously successful on Netflix, the series hasn’t been picked up for a second season yet. It’s likely that Netflix will renew the series, especially with the growth the series has shown throughout the airing of its first season. Matchmaker Aleeza frequently posts on her Instagram about the notoriety she’s gained since her time on the series, and has shown off the various events she’s hosted since the show aired. If her popularity is any indicator, the series should be coming back for another season soon.

Is Jewish Matchmaking Season 2 Confirmed?

To date, Netflix hasn’t announced any renewal news for Jewish Matchmaking season 2, but it would be surprising for the streaming platform not to renew the series. Aleeza, who has gained an abundance of followers since Jewish Matchmaking season 1 aired, hasn’t spoken publicly about Jewish Matchmaking season 2 yet. Still, it’s likely that Netflix will return to Jewish Matchmaking for another season of potential love connections.

Jewish Matchmaking Season 2’s Potential Release Date

Dani Bergman from Jewish Matchmaking on a date

Though it’s yet to be confirmed, using the first season of Jewish Matchmaking as a guide, it’s possible to predict when another season of the show could air. Jewish Matchmaking season 1 aired on Netflix all at once, with the episodes dropping on May 3, 2023. The first season consists of 8 episodes, each featuring singles and their dates, which were arranged by Aleeza. Due to Netflix’s typical schedule, it’s probable that if there is a Jewish Matchmaking season 2, it will air in May 2024.

Jewish Matchmaking Season 2’s Potential Cast

Ori Basly Jewish Matchmaking dressed up smiling

Without much to go off of about Jewish Matchmaking season 2, it’s fun to think about which people could appear on the next season. Obviously, Aleeza would return as the matchmaker for the series. Some hope to see singles who were unsuccessful in their hunt for love return for another shot. Many would like to see fan favorites Dani Bergman and Harmonie Krieger come back for another shot at love, as well as the Jewish Matchmaking season 1 villain Ori Basly.

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