Jamie Foxx’s Day Shift Sequel Gets Promising Update From Netflix Movie Director

Jamie Foxx’s Day Shift sequel gets a promising update from director J.J. Perry. Released on Netflix back in 2022, the film tracks Bud Jablonski (Foxx), a diligent father using his routine job in the San Fernando Valley as a front to hunt and kill vampires. The cast of Day Shift also includes Dave Franco, Meagan Good, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Karla Souza, Steve Howey, Scott Adkins, and Snoop Dogg. After a strong performance on the streaming service and positive reactions from audiences, who enjoyed the movie’s blend of horror and comedy, anticipation for a potential Day Shift follow-up has been building.


In a recent Corridor Crew video, Perry briefly discusses some of his upcoming projects and touched on the Day Shift sequel. The director reveals that a second film is still something he wants to work on, and notes that he is aiming to get a writer from John Wick: Chapter 4. Read Perry’s comments regarding the Day Shift sequel below:

We are hopefully going to do Night Shift. We just put that pitch out there, we’re hoping to get the writer who did John Wick 4.

What A Day Shift Sequel Could Look Like

Dave Franco, Scott Adkins, Steve Howey and Jamie Foxx Day Shift

Prior to its release, Foxx mentioned the possibility of creating more Day Shift movies, revealing discussions were taking place. While critical reception toward the film was mixed, it proved to be popular among viewers, with Day Shift topping Netflix’s Top 10 charts. Throughout the movie, Bud’s relationship with his family was explored. He continued hunting vampires in order to support his daughter and ex-wife and eventually saved them from Audrey (Souza). Considering they survived the events of Day Shift, and Seth (Franco) was turned into a vampire, a potential sequel could see everyone reunite to fight a new enemy.

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Perry, who has experience with stunt work, created various memorable action sequences for the film, and audiences can likely expect a follow-up to contain more. It is unclear which John Wick: Chapter 4 writer he was referring to, but it could be Shay Hatten, who worked on the script for the first Day Shift movie. Michael Finch, the other screenwriter, has been involved in productions including Predators and American Assassin.

Fans of the original film will be excited by this latest update surrounding the Day Shift sequel. It should be interesting to see what Foxx and Perry potentially come up with, and how it can continue to explore Bud’s work. It is also worth wondering who will eventually be brought on board to write the script, and how that might affect Day Shift 2.

Source: Corridor Crew/YouTube

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