James Gunn’s DCU Reboot Will Avoid A Spoiler Trend That Hurt 3 DC Movies In A Row

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for The Flash.

James Gunn’s upcoming DC Universe will likely avoid a DC spoiler trend that has hit three of the studio’s movies in a row. Gunn is rebooting the DCEU with the new DC Universe alongside his DC Studios co-CEO Peter Safran. Gone are actors like Henry Cavill as Superman, with the new universe being planned as mostly a fresh start for DC. While some characters and movies/ TV shows from the old DCEU should be canon to the new DC Universe, one negative aspect of DC’s past films should not be carried over to the upcoming reboot universe.


The DCEU had many controversial moments, with certain choices failing to connect with a wide audience, which inevitably led to interest in the DCEU dwindling with time. While that aspect of the DCEU surely had an impact on the poor box offices of DC’s recent releases, another important factor needs to be considered. DC has been having major issues with spoilers flying around prior to movies being released, with scenes leaking in awful quality, which puts DC’s films in a negative light even before people can actually see the movies in theaters for themselves. Thankfully, Gunn should avoid this spoiler trend that has hurt three DC movies in a row.

James Gunn Proved He’ll Protect DCU Spoilers Better

The Justice League arrives in the Peacemaker finale.

Gunn is DC’s new creative leader, and as such, the executive will be actively working to make sure that the DC Universe’s upcoming releases have their secrets kept to preserve surprising moments, which in turn leads to positive word-of-mouth for DC’s projects, helping make them successful. While preserving spoilers in this day and age of leaker culture is easier said than done, Gunn has shown in his past superhero projects at Marvel Studios and DC that he can successfully preserve those moments that elicit cheers from the audience up to release.

Gunn directed the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy and its holiday special at Marvel. Each project included surprising events that would make their way to the movies’ premiere unrevealed. The director’s last movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, is proof of how good he is at keeping spoilers at bay. Up to the movie’s release, theorization was rampant about the fates of Marvel’s cosmic team, most of which were ultimately quite far off the mark.

At DC, Gunn has directed The Suicide Squad and its spinoff series — Peacemaker. Both projects had their fair share of surprising moments, with The Suicide Squad‘s deaths thankfully not being spoiled, as those are a big part of the movie, which the team’s name makes clear. Likewise, Gunn’s protective approach to his projects led to one of the biggest surprises in recent DC releases not leaking. Peacemaker featured the Justice League in its season 1 finale, with Ezra Miller and Jason Momoa reprising their DCEU roles as The Flash and Aquaman, respectively, as Superman and Wonder Woman remained in the shadows.

Why The DCEU Spoiled Big Cameos In 3 Movies

Henry Cavill as Superman in Black Adam post credits scene

DC had many surprises spoiled before three recent movies could even premiere. Cavill’s Superman in Black Adam, Gal Gadot’s role as Wonder Woman in Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and Nicolas Cage’s Superman alongside the other multiverse cameos in The Flash made their way online — through text and images/videos — before and during the movies’ times in theaters. Gunn’s more protective practices would lend themselves well to fixing DC’s current spoiler issue, especially since some of the spoilers leaking came from a bout of poor judgment and lack of better control from DC.

Cavill’s return as Superman, although not outright announced, was a major selling point of Black Adam‘s marketing campaign. Dwayne Johnson teased Cavill’s return through a lot of interviews leading up to the movie’s release, with the actor’s comments making it clear that Cavill was going to be in the movie, and later it became evident that he was in the post-credits scene, as that moment started to get hyped up by those behind the film. The scene would leak on social media before Black Adam‘s release. Gadot’s cameo as Wonder Woman in Shazam! Fury of the Gods was surprisingly spoiled by a TV spot from the film.

Now, Cage’s Superman was spoiled by an interview with The Flash director Andy Muschietti before the movie’s release. However, The Flash‘s Cage leak was a mistake and not a conscious reveal by the director as it seemed to be initially. Cage’s Superman was not alone, as The Flash‘s multiple multiverse cameos leaked before the movie was released, with videos and images from those moments making their way online due to the several fan screenings held for The Flash before it officially debuted in theaters. Based on Gunn’s past in superhero projects, the DC creative boss should prevent any further leaks from plaguing the DC Universe like they did the DCEU.

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