James Bond Auditioning Process Explained By Casino Royale Director

Casino Royale director Matin Campbell has explained the process behind auditioning to be the next James Bond, using Henry Cavill’s audition as an example. Cavill auditioned to be Bond alongside seven other candidates for Casino Royale. One of these candidates was Daniel Craig, who ended up portraying Bond in Casino Royale all the way up until the series’ latest installment, No Time to Die.


Speaking with Express at the London Action Festival, Campbell revealed what it was like finding the next Bond for Casino Royale. His explanation about how the next James Bond is chosen offers insight into how Craig became Bond, and what it might mean for the next iteration. Check out what Campbell had to say below:

I wasn’t favouring Henry. The way they work with Bond and it’s pretty terrific is when they decide on the actor and you audition – in our case, it was eight people – it’s very democratic. You sit around a table, eight or nine of you. It was myself and the producers, casting director etc etc. And you go through the eight people and you put your hand up as you talk through each person and ultimately everybody has to be unanimous in their decision, if you see what I mean.

Who Will Be The Next James Bond?

Composite image of Paapa Essiedu, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Henry Golding

The democratic process used to choose the next Bond for Casino Royale is likely being reflected in the choice for the next Bond after Craig. Actors like Cavill, Tom Hardy, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are rumored to play Bond in future films. Taylor-Johnson in particular reportedly met with James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli in January of this year. However, there have been no clear choices surrounding Bond’s portrayal in Bond 26 just yet.

James Bond producer Michael G. Wilson has stated Bond will not be portrayed by too young an actor, saying “a thirty-something” would be the best choice. This rules out some rumored actors like Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston, who are unfortunately too old to play the part. It also rules out any younger actors vying for the role of Bond, as it would not coincide with the vision producers have of the character.

While someone like Taylor-Johnson would be a fitting choice for the next Bond, there isn’t enough information to know for sure who will take on the role after Craig. However, it’s clear producers like Wilson and Broccoli want to ensure that, whoever it is, they meet the criteria for a unanimous positive vote. Much like how Craig was chosen in Casino Royale, the next Bond actor will have to impress everyone behind the scenes in order to be given the role.

Source: Express

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