Is It Happening? Everything We Know About The Netflix Comedy

Glamorous was released on Netflix, and according to its ending, a Glamorous season 2 may be on the horizon. Kim Cattrall sat out the first season of And Just Like That… before announcing her return in season 2. However, in the meantime, she took on the role of Madolyn in Glamorous, the owner of a legacy makeup company in need of some reinvention. The show shined a spotlight on queer voices and storylines, which was exciting in a world of recycled tv plots. Cattrall’s character is stern and intimidating but also kind and open-minded with employees and her business.

Madolyn’s personality in Glamorous made it easy to root for her instead of siding with Vendemiaire, the company trying to buy Glamorous by Madolyn and steal Madolyn’s ideas. While Cattrall is the best-known actor in the series, Marco, played by Ben J Pierce, is the show’s real star. Marco is a gender non-conforming makeup artist who lands a job at Madolyn’s company and pulls the brand out of the gutter with their innovative ideas. The final episode features a storyline no one saw coming suggesting a second season may be in the works with a lot more to explore than the first.

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Glamorous Season 2 Not Confirmed

Marco in Glamorous season 1, episode 3.

So far, there is no word on whether or not there will be a second season of Glamorous. The only clue that the show has plans for another season is the cliffhanger ending that suggests Marco will transition from male to female after finally accepting themself and breaking things off with the judgmental and unaccepting Parker. The cast and Netflix have otherwise remained silent on any details of a potential second season. Another season would be exciting for those who enjoyed the show and want to see the story continue.

Unfortunately, Glamorous received mixed reviews and according to Rotten Tomatoes, has only a 55% on the Tomatometer and for the audience score. Netflix’s time frame for announcing renewals varies, but it’s unlikely the platform would announce a second season so fast. Some shows have been renewed in under a month, while shows like Wednesday, which was extraordinarily popular, aren’t renewed for months. Meanwhile, Netflix waited over four months to announce the renewal of their series All of Us Are Dead.

Glamorous Season 2 Release Date Info

Marco and Madolyn in Glamorous season 1, episode 5.

If there is a season two, it’s hard to say when it will be announced and released. Glamorous was originally announced in 2019 and was supposed to premiere on the CW, but in June 2022, Variety revealed Cattrall would join the series that Netflix had picked up. A trailer for the series dropped on June 5th, just 17 days before its premiere. It seems Netflix prefers waiting a while to give out information, allowing fans to create buzz online with their theories and curiosity. If Netflix does pick Glamorous up for a second season, they may wait until next June to release it.

Glamorous Season 2 Cast

Kim Cattrall as Madolyn Addison in Glamorous

Based on the most prominent cast members of Glamorous season 1 and the season’s ending, it’s easy to predict who will return for Glamorous season 2. Cattrall and Pierce are no-brainers, while Jade Payton, Ayesha Harris, and Michael Hsu Rosen are also likely to revive their roles as Ventia, Britt, and Ben. While Chad (Zane Phillips) left the company at the end of the season, he also reunited with his father, whose identity isn’t revealed to viewers. This sets up a storyline for him, meaning he must return for season 2. Unless there is a time jump that sees Marco find a new place to live, Damian Terriquez must also return to play Marco’s roommate Dizmal.

Ricardo Chavira will likely return to continue the blossoming love story between Madolyn and his character Teddy. However, Madolyn’s former love interest James, who betrayed her, might not make it back onto the show. Vendemiaire worker Mykynnleigh also might not return as her storyline seemed complete by the final episode. Lisa Gilroy and Kaleb Horn played supporting characters Alyssasays and Nowhere. The comedic duo may or may not return depending on which direction showrunners decide to take the series.

Glamorous Season 2 Story Details

Venetia in Glamorous season 1, episode 6.

Whether or not Glamorous actually gets a season 2, the show still set up several storylines to continue the series. At the end of Glamorous, Venetia finds a business card for a transgender specialist in Marco’s desk. This is the biggest storyline the finale sets up, and it would be groundbreaking for Netflix to cover in a second season. Marco was very comfortable with themself throughout Glamorous, always showing up to work in heels and makeup. However, they started to doubt themself when they started dating Parker, who wanted Marco to be more masculine, especially in front of his friends and in public.

The ending proves Marco is no longer letting anyone hold them back, and they’re ready to go on their own journey of self-discovery and authenticity. The second season would also focus on Madolyn’s relationship with Teddy. When she breaks up with James for giving Vendemiaire inside information on her company, she becomes open to the idea of being with Teddy, and they both admit their feelings for each other. Another storyline the Glamorous finale set up for a potential second season is Venetia’s new role.

When Chad left, Madolyn rehired her after a brief firing, realizing no one could ever replace her. Her new role gives her a lot more creative power, which will be great for the brand. However, it’s also a lot more responsibility which could be stressful, especially with her new relationship with Britt. Glamorous season 2 is still up in the air, but if confirmed, there is plenty for the show to cover.

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