I’m A Virgo Cast & Character Guide

Amazon’s I’m A Virgo tells an imaginative coming-of-age story, held together by its well-written characters and the cast members who portray them. Created by Boots Riley of the Sorry to Bother You fame, I’m A Virgo follows the adventures — and misadventures — of Cootie, a 13-foot humble giant, who remains shielded from the outside world. However, things start changing when Cootie befriends a young group of people and finally escapes his Oakland neighborhood. From true friendships to his first romance, Cootie experiences it all in his journey and becomes somewhat of a folk hero towards the end of I’m A Virgo season 1.

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Boot Riley’s taut writing is enough to keep viewers hooked throughout the runtime of I’m A Virgo‘s season 1. Its underlying themes surrounding capitalism, institutional racism, and Afro-surrealism make its storyline all the more compelling. However, apart from its narrative threads, even its character beats play a crucial role in selling the real-world allegories of its fantastical narrative. These character beats are plausibly helmed by a talented roster of actors, many of whom may seem familiar to audiences.

Jharrel Jerome as Cootie

Cootie in I'm A Virgo

Jharrel Jerome plays the central 13-foot-tall character Cootie in I’m A Virgo. While I’m A Virgo never highlights how Cootie grew so tall, it shows how he is naive about the outside world because his parents restrict him from leaving. Unfortunately for them, Cootie starts outgrowing their house and eventually decides to explore the world beyond his confined existence. With what follows Cootie not only makes new friends but also garners the attention of those who do not wish him well.

I’m A Virgo‘s Jharrel Jerome is recognizable for playing Kevin in Barry Jenkins’ Magnum Opus Moonlight. However, apart from his role in I’m A Virgo, he is best known for voicing Miles G. Morales in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. The actor is also set to reprise his voice role in Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse and star in the mini TV series Full Circle.

Olivia Washington as Flora

Olivia Washington as Flora in I'm a Virgo

Flora and Cootie immediately strike a connection when Cootie shows up at the burger joint where she works. Unlike most others, who get blown away by Cootie’s size, Flora seems unfazed by him even when she sees him for the first time. As I’m A Virgo progresses, Flora and Cootie get romantically involved, and it turns out that like Cootie, Flora, too, is different from the rest of the world as she possesses speedster abilities.

Olivia Washington, who plays Flora in I’m A Virgo, has previously appeared in movies such as The Little Things, The Butler, The Tragedy of Macbeth, and Breaking. Before I’m A Virgo, she also appeared in several popular TV shows like Mr. Robot, Chicago P.D., and Empire. Her upcoming projects include a drama film called Solitary.

Kara Young as Jones

Kara Young in I'm a Virgo

Payed by Kara Young, Jones is a member of the friends group that Cootie encounters when he sets out to seek his own adventures in the outside world. While the rest of the people in their group are fascinated by Cootie’s height, Jones tries not to make Cootie feel awkward and even offers him a helping hand whenever he needs advice. In I’m A Virgo, she even guides him on how he can get Flora’s attention when he tells her about having a crush on her.

Before Kara Young convincingly portrayed Jones in I’m A Virgo, she was a part of The Punisher‘s roster, appearing in two episodes from the Marvel series. Audience may also recognize he for her role as Yasmine in HBO Max Original’s The Staircase. Apart from that, the young star also has over 40 acting credits under her belt and will also star in an upcoming comedy thriller titled Blow Up My Life.

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Walton Goggins as The Hero

Walton Goggins as The Hero in I'm a Virgo

The Hero, played by Walton Goggins, is the primary antagonist of I’m A Virgo. Serving as a satire for Batman, The Hero uses advanced technology to reign supreme and display how he is better than the rest of the world. When Cootie garners fame, The Hero does take it too well, which marks the inception of his conflict with I’m A Virgo‘s main character. Considering how incredibly well Walton Goggins portrays The Hero’s villainous demeanor in I’m A Virgo, it is not surprising that he has previously starred as a villain in several acclaimed movies like Django Unchained and MCU’s Ant-Man and the Wasp.

I’m A Virgo Supporting Cast & Characters

Brett Gray, Kara Young and Allius Barnes in I'm a Virgo

Brett Gray as Felix: Felix, played by When They See Us and On My Block‘s Brett Gray, is also a part of Cootie’s new-found friends group and also becomes his best friend later.

Allius Barnes as Scat: Scat is another member of Cootie’s friends circle, who triggers a pivotal storyline towards I’m A Virgo‘s ending. He is portrayed by Allius Barnes of the Chicago P.D. and Unbelievable fame in I’m A Virgo.

Carmen Ejogo as LaFrancine: Carmen Ejogo, best known for her roles in It Comes At Night, The Purge: Anarchy, Selma, and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, plays Cootie’s Aunt LaFrancine in I’m A Virgo.

Mike Epps as Martisse: Cootie’s Uncle Matisse in I’m A Virgo is portrayed by Mike Epps, who is recognizable for his appearances in The Hangover and Dolemite Is My Name.

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