Human Torch’s Ultimate Upgrade Made Him 1 of Marvel’s Most Powerful Heroes

The Human Torch is the one member of the Fantastic Four with arguably the most raw and unparalleled power surging within him, and that power was put on full display with one ultimate upgrade. However, while this upgrade made him undeniably powerful, there was one catch to it that was incomprehensibly horrifying on a cosmic level.

Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch is one of the four original members of the Fantastic Four alongside the likes of Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic, Sue Storm aka Invisible Woman, and Ben Grimm aka The Thing. While Johnny wasn’t as smart as Reed, as strong as Ben, or as versatile as Sue, he made an impact on the team as perhaps the most powerful in terms of the energy he can produce. One attack within the Human Torch’s arsenal that proves this is the ability to ‘go supernova’, which is a move that was featured in the 2005 movie. The attack is as it sounds: Johnny can increase his body temperature to match that of an exploding star, decimating anything and anyone in his vicinity. Not only that, but this attack proves the Human Torch has the capacity to create that much energy within his own body without the aid of outside forces, which is a piece of information that Johnny assuredly wished Doctor Doom – or his sister – didn’t know.

Doctor Doom Put a Horrifying Twist on Human Torch’s Strongest Power

Human Torch as the sun in Secret Wars.

In Secret Wars #3 by Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic, readers are given a more detailed look into Battleworld, the world created by God Emperor Doom following the incursion of the original and Ultimate Marvel universes. Doctor Doom stole the power of the Beyonders from the race of god-tier beings themselves, and he used it to pull together pieces of destroyed universes, and create a makeshift world where the last remnants of life in the multiverse could reside, with him acting as their unquestioned ruler and god. This world exists in a void, with its sun revolving around the planet instead of the other way around. But, the sickening part is, the sun isn’t a star at all – it’s the Human Torch.

As explained by God Emperor Doom himself, Johnny Storm acted against Doom during the formation of Battleworld, though he either didn’t know or didn’t care about Doom’s god-tier power, or else he would have known he didn’t stand a chance. In other words, the Human Torch was soundly defeated. But, instead of killing him, Doom left his fate up to his sister, Sue Storm, who wanted Johnny to live the rest of his life as Battleworld’s sun, shining his light down upon them all forever. Unfortunately, that proved to be a fate worse than death, as the comic shows Johnny’s experience in the heart of his self-sustaining star, screaming in unending agony. It seems unlikely that Sue Storm deliberately wanted Johnny to experience eternal misery, as that aspect of his punishment is assuredly Doctor Doom’s doing. Though the idea that the Human Torch could actually sustain himself as an eternally-burning sun is information both Sue Storm and Doctor Doom had from his ‘supernova’ ability, meaning his cursed existence in Secret Wars is technically of his own making.

The ability to obliterate basically anything in the universe with the power of an exploding star is a power that almost no one can compete with, and that energy being used to make oneself a self-sustaining star that can burn perpetually makes the Human Torch one of the most powerful beings in the cosmos. Unfortunately, he has no way to enjoy it, or even use it, for that matter, as Doctor Doom twisted the Human Torch’s greatest Fantastic Four power into something too horrific for human comprehension.

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