Hulk’s New Gamma Power Is His Creepiest Upgrade Ever

As the Hulk enters a new era, he’s plunging into the hidden darkness of the Marvel Universe, complete with a spine-tingling new power. After a brief period as a ‘Smashstronaut,’ Hulk is back on Earth, and he and Bruce Banner have never been more at odds. Now, Hulk is set on eradicating Bruce Banner, beginning by messing with his mind.


In a preview of the upcoming The Incredible Hulk #1 – coming from Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Nic Klein, Matt Wilson, and Cory Petit – fans see Banner back on Earth and on the run. However, as he tries to make his way in the world, the server at a diner begins to insult him. It turns out Hulk is speaking through the woman, terrifying Bruce, who has plenty of reasons to run from his bigger, meaner self. Marvel’s summary for the issue says Hulk is working to “take control of Bruce Banner’s body permanently” – and it seems that if Banner does appear, Hulk will still be there to torment him.

Hulk Can Possess People Now?

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Recently, Bruce Banner imprisoned the Hulk within his mind, using dark magic to trap him in a psychological ‘engine room,’ where his anger and suffering could be used to give Banner his own gamma muscles. At the conclusion of the prior Hulk series, that arrangement fell apart, and now it seems that Hulk is feeling vengeful. Fans know that Hulk’s new era will see him become a monster slayer, but it seems that Hulk is also set on haunting Bruce, trying to get rid of him for good. Enjoy the issue’s variant covers below, from David Marquez & Matt Wilson, Jim Cheung, Patrick Gleason, George Pérez & Edgar Delgado, Herb Trimpe & Dan Adkins, Marcus To, Skottie Young, and Jan Bazaldua.

Hulk Is Erasing Bruce Banner Forever

Previously, Hulk has sometimes been able to communicate with Bruce Banner through mirrors, but communicating via other people is scarily new. There are two creepy possibilities for what’s happening here: either Hulk has found a way to force Bruce to hallucinate him taking control of others, or he’s actually capable of possession. This latter option is more extreme, but it’s very possible. Recent Hulk stories have introduced several relevant ideas. First, that Hulk’s gamma radiation can affect those around him, drawing out their rage. Second, that all gamma mutates are connected by the Green Door – a portal to an eldritch realm which allows them to enter the bodies of other gamma-empowered beings. With Bruce’s mind recently warped by black magic, it’s possible either of these powers could have expanded to let Hulk take control of those around him.

Only The Incredible Hulk #1 will reveal the exact nature of the Hulk’s new power, but whether hallucination or reality, it seems that Hulk now has the ability to haunt Bruce Banner wherever he goes – the first step in repressing his traitorous human side forever.

The Incredible Hulk #1 is coming June 21 from Marvel.

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