How To Unlock Astral Stair In Vampire Survivors

Patch 1.5.0 for Vampire Survivors released a stage that players can unlock called the Astral Stair, but only by reaching a high level in another area.

The Astral Stair stage comes to Vampire Survivors as part of update 1.5, but players can only unlock this area by reaching a high level in another arena while a specific mode is turned on. These prerequisites can be hard to meet, demanding players understand the game’s combat well. To reach the special rewards in the Astral Stair, players will have to explore maps with a strong character they know how to use.


Before players can even think about Astral Stair, they must unlock the Inlaid Library stage first, which may only be done by collecting every Relic from each stage in Vampire Survivors. This includes the Relics in the stage called Eudaimonia M, which becomes available once all other stages have had their items collected. Players can do this quickly using a cheat code from the Secrets Menu if they want to avoid grinding for every Relic.

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How to Unlock the Astral Stair Stage in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors Inlaid Library Stage

The Astral Stair stage unlocks when players reach level 80 in the Inlaid Library, but only when the latter stage is the Inverse version of itself. The Inverse Mode of Vampire Survivors may be selected when players grab the Garcia’s Mirror Relic on the Eudaimonia M stage mentioned earlier. Another item on that stage, the Seventh Trumpet, unlocks an Endless mode where the Reaper doesn’t spawn for longer runs.

The only way to unlock the Astral Stair Stage is to reach level 80 in the Inlaid Library on Inverse mode, a setting that becomes available by collecting Garcia’s Mirror Relic on Eudaimonia M.

The Inverse Inlaid Library in Vampire Survivors hosts far more powerful enemies than the standard stage, with faster movement and more health than usual. Players are recommended to pick a stronger character when doing a run on this stage to ensure they have the best chances of reaching level 80. Since the Inlaid Library is essentially a huge horizontal hallway, players should also pick a weapon that hits around them to prevent themselves from getting trapped.

Thankfully, the Astral Stair automatically gets added to a player’s stage list the moment they hit level 80 in the Inverse Inlaid Library. Simply quitting the run or dying lets players return to the main menu of Vampire Survivors, where their new unlock may be selected by picking the Astral Stair stage.

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