How To Tell If An Unknown Tile Tracker Is Stalking You

Tile offers anti-stalking features for its trackers, enabling users to check if there is an unknown Tile tracker nearby. Bluetooth trackers like AirTag, Tile, Chipolo, and others have often been used for stalking unsuspecting victims, but Apple has taken the lead by updating AirTags with multiple anti-tracking measures. While Tile was late to the party, the introduction of its ‘Scan and Secure’ feature is a welcome move by the company.

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Tile’s ‘Scan and Secure‘ feature enables users to easily scan for and detect nearby Tiles and Tile-enabled devices that are potentially being used to surreptitiously track them. This can be done with or without a Tile account. To scan for errant Tile trackers, download the latest version of the Tile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. For those without an account, tap on the ‘Scan’ button in the top-right corner of the welcome screen. If users already have the app on their phone and are logged-in to their Tile account, they will need to tap ‘Settings’ in the top right corner of the screen. Then scroll down and select ‘Scan and Secure,’ tap ‘Continue’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

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Scan & Detect Unwanted Tile Trackers

Tile Scan and Secure

For the scanning to work correctly, users will have to walk or drive a little distance away from their original location, as the feature does not work properly if only walking in circles within the confines of a small area, like a home. Once activated, a scan needs to run for up to ten minutes for the most accurate results. After the scan is complete, the app will display the results and notify the user if it finds any unknown Tile trackers traveling with them, indicating a potential stalking situation.

While Scan and Secure is a much-needed step from Tile to prevent stalking and harassment, it doesn’t go as far as Apple AirTags’ safety features, such as automatically notifying users with alerts or playing an alarm sound on the trackers themselves. As a result, users may not always suspect that a Tile tracker is tracking them, leading to more potential misuse than AirTags.

Locate & Disable Unknown Tile Trackers

Tile trackers

If the Tile app detects an unknown Tile tracker near the user, the next step is locating it. The Tile app displays which tracker was detected, and also provides a reference image so that users know what to look for. Unlike AirTags, Tile doesn’t offer a way to view the location of unknown trackers or play a sound to help users find them. Instead, users will need to search the surrounding area. A few good places to look are inside pockets, bags, and luggage. If users detect an unknown Tile tracker in their car, they’ll need to check all the crevices inside, and look in the undercarriage and behind the license plate.

Once the Tile tracker is found, Tile recommends photographing its location and contacting local law enforcement. Users should also disable any suspicious or unknown Tile trackers. If the tracker has a replaceable battery, removing the battery is enough to disable it. If the battery is non-replaceable, Tile recommends wrapping the tracker in several layers of foil or placing it in an electronic signal blocking bag (also called a Faraday bag) to disable its tracking abilities.

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