How to Make The Electrifying Orange Potion In Disney Dreamlight Valley

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players can expect to craft a whole host of items, which now includes the Electrifying Orange Potion. This potion has a few mysterious items that are needed to make the potion, making it hard to figure out what items are required. Players need to be at least at level 10 Friendship with Mickey and Scrooge to make this potion.


There are many potions in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Some of them have obvious uses, but some of them, like the Potion of Growth, are used once for certain quests. At first glance, there appears to be no use for the Electrifying Orange Potion, but it can be combined with other potions to make something quite colorful.

How To Craft & Use The Electrifying Orange Potion In Dreamlight Valley

Player using the Crafting Table in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Electrifying Orange Potion requires just two ingredients, but one is harder to get. One of the main ingredients necessary is an Orange Potato, which can only be acquired by completing a Hidden Quest. This quest is aptly titled the Orange Potato Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and it can be started from the Secret Room in the Dream Castle.

Players will unlock the Secret Room during the final friendship quest with Mickey that unlocks at level 10 Friendship.

The Lenses of Shadows are in the room, acquired during the level 10 friendship quest with Scrooge McDuck. Put these on and look around the room. There should now be a few golden-looking pebbles around the room on the floor. These are Orange Pebbles. Players must now find 20 Orange Pebbles in Disney Dreamlight Valley hidden in the following locations:


Number of Pebbles

Dream Castle


Wall-e Realm


Moana Realm


Ratatouille Realm


Toy Story Realm


Frozen Realm


After this, go to a Crafting Station. There should now be a recipe listed under Functional Items for Orange Potato. Use all 20 Orange Pebbles to craft it. Still at the Crafting Table, use the Orange Potato and an Empty Vial to craft the Electrifying Orange Potion. The full recipe is listed below:


How To Find

1x Orange Potato

Craft using all 20 Orange Pebbles

1x Empty Vial

Craft using 2 pieces of Glass Glass: 5x Sand + 1 Coal Ore

Now that players have crafted the Electrifying Orange Potion, it is time to use it. Return to the Dark Castle after finding all 6 of the colorful potions:

  • Royal Purple Potion
  • Brilliant Blue Potion
  • Crystalline Green Potion
  • Gleaming Gold Potion
  • Electrifying Orange Potion
  • Raging Red Potion

Combine them and refine them into the Rainbow Potion at the Dark Castle. Then place it inside the small fox statue around the right side of the bottom staircase. This will unlock the Rainbow Fox companion that can be the player’s pet in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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