How To Level Up Fast In Battlebit Remastered

The low poly, massive displays of warfare seen in Battlebit Remastered offers players more rewards, gear, and weapons when they level up fast. Progressing in this game takes time, since matches can be long affairs involving hundreds of players. Those looking to unlock better items for future battles can use a couple of tricks with the multiple classes available for every player in combat to make leveling up far easier.


The main draw of Battlebit Remastered‘s imitation of classic Battlefield titles is the large-scale war matches that can host up to 254 players. The Conquest mode of the game features extremely long combat encounters of maps of various shapes and sizes. Players looking to level up need to participate in fights often, so choosing smaller maps gives a better chance to actually find opponents rather than getting lost in massive warfare landscapes.

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How to Quickly Level Up in Battlebit Remastered

Battlebit Remastered Loading Into a Conquest Map with Specific Class

The fastest way to earn enough XP to level up in Battlebit Remastered is to get assists or kill enemies, but players are also able to heal allies or provide supplies to friends using different classes to increase their experience. There are six classes players can pick when spawning into a Conquest match: Squad Leader, Assault, Medic, Engineer, Support, and Recon. Two of these classes may get XP by performing tasks outside just scoring eliminations in firefights.

Players are able to gain XP to level up fast by picking the Medic or Support classes, who are able to passively earn experience by healing friendly soldiers with the Kit Gadget or giving out supplies with Ammo Kits respectfully.

If players pick the Medic, they have the chance to heal their allies in battle with the Kit Gadget, which grants as much XP as getting a kill. Similarly, the Support class drops Ammo Kits that other players may pick up to grant the Support XP after interacting with the Kits. Sitting back behind the front lines as either of these classes lets players almost passively level up without having to actively search for and destroy any actual enemies on the battlefield.

This strategy may be familiar to players trying to earn more XP in a match of Hell Let Loose, whose large-scale war battles take a long time in the same way. However, the far simpler graphics and mechanics of Battlebit Remastered make it far easier for players to learn how to level up fast with straightforward classes that get the job done.

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