How To Get The Treasure Beast Barding In Diablo 4

The Treasure Beast Barding is the rarest mount armor players can get in Diablo IV as a cosmetic reward for defeating a World Boss, perhaps one of the most dangerous creatures to appear in the game. A beautiful, golden armor with a striking design, the Treasure Beast Barding gives players a way to brag about their accomplishments throughout Sanctuary. Although there are no gameplay bonuses for this treasure, it creates a sense of pride for defeating one of Hell’s greatest warriors.


In order to unlock a mount in Diablo 4, players have to progress the main story until Act 4, where a mission will appear in Kyovashad that helps open up the city stable. From here, players have access to multiple mounts and armor for faster travel around the map. Each class has a unique ability that can be used in combat while on a mount, but these horses also have a unique stress mechanic that doesn’t keep them around a fight for very long.

How To Earn Treasure Beast Barding Mount Armor in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 World Boss Avarice the Gold Cursed who can Drop Treasure Beast Barding Mount Armor

The only way to earn the Treasure Beast Barding mount armor in Diablo 4 is to pick it up from a drop after defeating the Avarice, the Gold Cursed World Boss. World Bosses are massive enemies that usually take a good number of players to take down. These enemies spawn depending on a World Boss Timer or every few hours in-game with a notification that tells players if one will appear in a certain map zone.

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Among the other World Bosses like Ashava and The Butcher, Avarice the Gold Cursed tends to attack players in the Seared Basin area of Kehjistan. This region isn’t unlocked until a later section of the game’s story, so players are recommended to progress far enough to travel to this region. Since World Bosses are a considerable challenge, players should consider teaming up with some friends or completing the story to have a character strong enough to take on Avarice.

Avarice acts almost like a massive Treasure Goblin, even spawning two of these loot hoarders occasionally to promise even more rewards for the player. The Treasure Beast Barding has a slight chance to drop from Avarice, so players may have to take on the World Boss more than once. Once players get the Treasure Beast Barding in Diablo IV, they can equip the item at any stable by simply selecting it from their collection of mount armors.

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