How To Get A Pet On Snapchat & Display It On Snap Map

Snapchat now lets users display a pet alongside their Bitmoji on Snap Map, but the feature isn’t available for all users. Snapchat’s Bitmoji are highly customizable, given that they represent a user on the platform. Since Snapchat doesn’t allow real profile photos, users have the option to change nearly every aspect of their Bitmoji to make it appear as realistic as possible. In addition, Snapchat offers various Bitmoji clothing options, with an even bigger selection for Snapchat+ users.


As part of a new feature drop for Snapchat+ subscribers, Snapchat now allows users to display a pet with their Bitmoji. The pet only appears on Snap Map, and doesn’t show up on a user’s profile. To get a pet on Snapchat, first make sure you have an active Snapchat+ subscription, or the option won’t show up. Next, go to your profile and tap the Snapchat+ membership card. Select ‘Map Appearance‘ and tap ‘Pet.’ Choose from one of the available pet options and tap near the top of the screen to close the menu. The pet will now appear on the Snap Map alongside the Snapchat Bitmoji.

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Which Pets Can You Add On Snapchat?

Snapchat Bitmoji with a pet panda on Snap Map

At the moment, Snapchat’s selection of pets is limited to eight options. This includes a dog, cat, snake, macaw, guinea pig, stingray, axolotl, and panda. Some of the pets are unusual, to say the least, but they do add an element of fun to the Snap Map. Unfortunately, there’s no way to customize the pet, which is a shame, particularly for the cat and dog options. The dog is a brown dachshund wearing a red hat, while the cat is white with a red collar. Given that pets are a new Snapchat feature, more customization options could be available in the future.

The Map Appearance options are also where Snapchat users can add a car to their Bitmoji. Users can choose to add either a pet or a car. If they select both options, the user’s Bitmoji and their pet will appear inside the car. Users can change their pet (or car) an infinite number of times. Additionally, they can choose to remove one or both from their Bitmoji at any time.

While Snapchat doesn’t offer Bitmoji pets for non-paying users, there is a very limited workaround that can display a duck or cat on the Snap Map. To enable this, open Snap Map and tap ‘My Bitmoji‘ in the bottom left. Under ‘Update Your Bitmoji‘ there are two options that display a cat alongside the Bitmoji, and one option with a duck. Tap any of these to update the Bitmoji on the Snap Map. It’s worth noting that these updates will only last for four hours, and aren’t permanent, unlike Snapchat‘s Bitmoji pets.

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