How to Fix the Mysterious Machine in Grounded

Despite the fact that Grounded is only in Early Access there are still quite a few things for players to do to spend their time. Not only can they just explore the world around them, but they also have the opportunity to check out daily challenges and even a main storyline with a series of quests to complete. The storyline provides players with a lot of interesting quests to check out.


One of the first big quests that players will have to undertake as part of the storyline is trying to fix the Mysterious Machine. It seems that the machine is somehow related to the fact that the player has been shrunk, but at the moment it is unclear how it happened. Players will need to fix the lasers that are a part of the machine in order to get it back in working order. This guide shows players how to complete the Mysterious Machine quest.

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Grounded: How to Fix the Mysterious Machine

Grounded characters for multiplayer

Once Grounded players find the Mysterious Machine they will need to jump on top of it in order to hit the power button. There will be three separate buttons on top, but the first one is currently the only one that is in working condition. Players should hit this button to see three lasers surrounding the machine turn on. One of the lasers is working fine, but one is blocked and the other is very weak. Players will need to fix these other two lasers to fix the machine.

In order to unblock the first laser players will first need to craft themselves a Grounded axe. This is fairly easy as players will just need to collect 3 Sprigs, 2 Pebblets, and a Woven Fiber. Once these items have been collected, players can craft a Pebblet Axe. Players will then need to find the blade of grass that is blocking the laser and chop it down.

This unblocks the laser and allows it to work perfectly.

The second laser is a little more complicated to fix and players will probably get involved in combat while they are trying to rectify the problem. The player’s axe can most definitely be used in combat, but they might want something a little more effective like the spear that can be crafted using 2 Sprigs, 3 Plant Fiber, and 1 Pebblet.

They will also need a torch that can be crafted out of 2 Sprigs, 1 Sap, 2 Woven Fiber, and 3 Dry Grass Chunks. Once players have these items they will want to follow the weak laser to its base. There will be some lawn mites here chewing on a wire that will have to be killed. Players will need to keep following the wire underground in order to take out all of the lawn mites.

Once done, return to the Mysterious Machine and press the first and second buttons to complete the Grounded mission. A small cutscene will play and then players will be tasked with traveling to the Oak Tree for the next mission.

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    Grounded is an online, first-person, multiplayer survival game where players have been shrunk to the size of an ant and are forced to survive in a backyard. Not knowing how or why the player was shrunk, the story will unfold as players adventure in their backyard to uncover the secrets – while avoiding the new massive threats from all manner of insects, including ants and deadly spiders that will attempt to eat the player at every turn. Players can defend themselves with craftable gear, find new weapons, establish turrets, and more. Grounded is a four-player experience that allows for progression saving when hopping between games and is a constantly evolving live service title.

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