How Old Is Ellie In The Last Of Us TV Show?

The following article contains spoilers for The Last of Us Part II video game.

Bella Ramsey gave an acclaimed, harrowing performance as Ellie in The Last of Us TV series, and Ellie’s age is an important part of her character. Based on the hit video game of the same name, The Last of Us premiered on HBO on January 15, 2023, and it has held onto its status as one of the most popular shows of the year. The show takes place in a post-apocalyptic America after a fungal outbreak infects the population and turns people into zombies. Alongside Ramsey, Pedro Pascal stars as Joel, a survivor haunted by his past.

Ellie is immune to the infection, and Joel is asked to escort her to another area of the United States so she can possibly be studied to make a vaccine. On their journey, Ellie and Joel are faced with many dangers and traumas from other humans and the Infected. Ellie displays a lot of resilience for her young age in both the TV series and the original video game, which only adds to the curiosity about how old Ellie truly is.

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Ellie Is 14 Years Old In The Last Of Us

Bella Ramsey as Ellie in The Last of Us episode 8 with a blood spattered face looking traumatized

In the TV series and the video game, Ellie is 14 years old. Ramsey is 19, and they started filming the role when they were 17 years old. While Ramsey is a few years older than Ellie, they are still a teenager and able to capture the adolescence that Ellie possesses. While she has a tough exterior like Joel and anger about the world around her, Ellie also craves having a family and a community. Throughout The Last of Us season 1, Ellie comes to view Joel as a father figure, and they help fulfill each other’s need for a family.

Like any compelling character on TV, Ellie has layers and is a nuanced character. She loves to play whenever she is given the chance, hinting that the post-apocalyptic society forced her to grow up too fast. Ellie frequently curses, but she also loves telling jokes and reading from her pun book. In episode 8 “When We Are in Need,” Ellie is captured by multiple men, but she manages to kill them and escape before they can cause serious physical harm, showing her survival skills. However, in the season 1 finale of The Last of Us, Ellie is still traumatized by what she went through and views the world differently.

In The Last Of Us Part 2 Video Game, Ellie Is 19 Years Old

Joel and Ellie sitting and talking in the abandoned military camp in The Last of Us episode 9

Ellie’s plot in The Last of Us video game is similar to what’s depicted on the TV show. In the video game, Joel discovers that Ellie will be killed in surgery in order to make the vaccine, and he decides to save her over the possibility of finding a cure. Their story picks up years later in the video game The Last of Us Part II. Because of Joel’s lie, the relationship between Joel and 19-year-old Ellie is not the same. When Joel is murdered for his role in killing the doctor who was supposed to operate on Ellie, she spends the rest of the game trying to avenge him.

HBO’s The Last of Us season 2 is confirmed, and it is expected to follow The Last of Us Part II the same way the first season followed the first The Last of Us game. In an interview with Variety, co-showrunner Craig Mazin shared that Ramsey will not have to wait to film an older Ellie because they are already 19 years old. This hints the next season will show Ellie as a 19-year-old like the game.

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