How Often Does The Blood Moon Reset In Zelda: TOTK

The Kingdom of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is still plagued with the dark magic of the Blood Moon that made monsters rise from their graves in Breath of the Wild. The terrifying experience of the Blood Moon can make the world even more dangerous for Link when players are not expecting a resurgence of beasts, but it has useful benefits as well. This event provides players with plenty of monsters to fight for loot and also resets ore deposits and materials around the world.

Though it can feel annoying, the Blood Moon in Zelda is a benefit because of the advantages of having the world reset, particularly when working on certain quests or in certain areas. The good news is, in TOTK this is a very regular, scheduled event that players can look forward to. Whether a player is wanting it to happen or wishes it wouldn’t occur, knowing when a Blood Moon is coming can be helpful for gameplay.

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Zelda TOTK’s Blood Moon Resets Every 168 Minutes

Princess Zelda watches the Blood Moon rise in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom​​​​​​​.

The Blood Moon in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom automatically occurs after 168 minutes of play. It takes place at midnight in-game or when Link takes a rest near that point in time, and there are roughly seven in-game days between each Blood Moon rising. After 2 hours and 48 minutes of gameplay, players can expect to see it transpire and, if there, should ascend from TOTK’s Depths to prepare for the red sky and its benefits, such as by sending Link to good farming spots. It is important to note, however, that this time does not include any time spent in the games menu, so the exact length of time could vary.

Can You Force A Blood Moon In Tears Of The Kingdom?

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Blood Moon Rising Cutscene with Respawned Enemies

There is no true way to summon a Blood Moon in TOTK. Some players have taken to the internet to share a means of doing so by glitching the game in a way that TOTK spawns a Blood Moon as a way to reset itself; however, this is the developers’ way of preventing the game from crashing or becoming corrupted and is not a recommended tactic. Some theories also state that if every enemy is destroyed in one or two of the areas, a Blood Moon may occur sooner, but that would require a lot of quick killing to make happen and hasn’t been proven to work as of yet.

During the Blood Moon event, any meals that Link cooks are boosted to have stronger effects than they otherwise would, which is another reason why a player would benefit from paying attention to the time. Being prepared before a Blood Moon by having all the materials needed for the best meals would make better use of the Blood Moon is occurring. Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom does allow players to skip the cutscenes for the Blood Moon by pressing X and + as it can get tedious to watch regularly.

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