Hercule Poirot Star On Potential Return After Being “Pretty Dead” In Death On The Nile

Though he was “pretty dead” by the end of the second movie, Tom Bateman is hopeful to return to the Hercule Poirot franchise after Death on the Nile. Bateman starred in the Kenneth Branagh adaptations of Agatha Christie’s Nile and Murder on the Orient Express as Bouc, a close friend of the iconic detective who invites Poirot to join him to celebrate the wedding of an heiress, where the latter is asked to help protect her from a potential threat. The 2022 sequel notably saw Bouc shot through the thorat and killed in order to cover up his witnessing of the main murder.


While speaking exclusively with Screen Rant to discuss his role in the Peacock comedy thriller series Based on a True Story, Tom Bateman addressed his potential future in Kenneth Branagh’s Hercule Poirot franchise. Though humorously acknowledging that he was “pretty dead” in the first sequel Death on the Nile, the Bouc actor confirmed he would be open to returning should Branagh find a story to bring him back. See what Bateman explained below:

Well, I’m pretty dead at the end of the second film. [Laughs] Never say never with movies. And obviously, yeah, Ken sort of jumps around in time with [these movies]. Basically, all I’d say is that I love doing it so much if Ken and the guys at Disney came up with an idea for Bouc to be involved in a story, I’d jump at that chance, because I loved it as a character, I loved it as the two pictures that I got to do, so yeah, I’d definitely do more.

How Bouc Can Return In A Future Poirot Sequel

bouc death on the nile

While he may have met his end in Death on the Nile, there is plenty of room for Bouc to return in the Hercule Poirot franchise’s future. As Bateman notes, Branagh’s Christie adaptations have toyed with a variety of time jumps, the majority of which are used to explain hwo the mysteries played out while audiences weren’t watching, or kept their focus on certain characters. Though given there were three years between Nile and Murder on the Orient Express, it would be interesting to see a story set between the two movies with the two solving another mystery.

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Another potential option for Bateman’s Bouc to get further screentime in the franchise’s future is with a Poirot prequel rather than a sequel, exploring the early days of the duo’s friendship sometime before the events of Murder on the Orient Express. Not only would it allow Bateman and Branagh to portray a different kind of dynamic between the two characters, but also adapt some of Poirot’s lesser seen stories on screen, especially considering Bouc only existed in Orient Express, making his appearance in Death on the Nile uncharted territory for Christie fans.

Though indicating a pretty definitive death for his character in Death on the Nile, Bateman’s Bouc could still be saved for a special cameo in the next Hercule Poirot installment, A Haunting in Venice. The sole trailer released for the movie thus far has indicated a far more horror-driven approach to Christie’s Hallowe’en Party novel, including being haunted by the ghosts of his past, a prime set up for Bouc to make an appearance in the next sequel.

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