Glaring Extraction 2 Plot Hole Could Have Ended The Movie 30 Minutes Early

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Extraction 2!A frustrating Extraction 2 plot hole could have seen the Netflix sequel end at least 30 minutes sooner. While Extraction 2 has received critiques for its thin storyline, reviews have been overall positive for the Sam Hargrave-directed sequel. Extraction 2 sees Chris Hemsworth’s mercenary Tyler Rake – who narrowly survived death in the original Extraction – pulled out of retirement to rescue his former sister-in-law Ketevan (Tinatin Dalakishvili) and her children from a Georgian prison.


A major issue with that is her marriage to Davit (Tornike Bziava), co-founder of a paramilitary crime outfit called the Nagazi. After Rake kills Davit during the extraction, Davit’s vicious brother Zurab (Tornike Gogrichiani) sends the full force of the Nagazi after them. Family is a core theme in Extraction 2, with Zurab seeking revenge while Rake is looking for redemption for the guilt he feels for leaving his dying son. Zurab is ruthless in his crusade, but the heroes missed a real chance to wrap up the story early.

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Extraction 2 Doesn’t Kill The Main Villain When It Should

Zurab holding a gun and looking serious in Extraction 2

The second major setpiece after Extraction 2’s incredible one shot sequence involves the siege of a safe house in Austria, where Zurab and his men attack Rake’s team. This leads to a moment where Rake’s partner Nik (Golshifteh Farahani) is knocked unconscious and falls onto a glass roof. Rake is just in time to save her, but as they dangle over the edge of the building, Zurab arrives. The two are defenseless, but instead of just shooting them, Zurab monologues just long enough for Nik to shoot out a glass pane beneath him, leaving the villain hanging off the roof too.

Rake then puts that upper-body strength to work by tossing Nik to safety on a nearby ledge and orders her to find Ketevan. In hindsight, this is one of Extraction 2’s most frustrating moments, as Nik could have simply picked up her handgun and shot Zurab before moving on. While it’s true her gun jammed after she shot out the glass pane, once she was safely on the ledge, all she had to do was clear the jam and kill Zurab. Not only would this have made the rest of the Nagazi stand down, but it would also have ended the story a good half hour early.

Nik fist bumping Tyler in Extraction 2

Of course, the simple reason this doesn’t happen is that it would have ended Extraction 2 far too quickly. Zurab received some plot armor in this scene so the third act could happen, but it comes at the expense of making the heroes look dumb. A simple screenwriting fix would have seen Nik lose her pistol when Rake throws her to the ledge, so she had no means to take out Zurab. Letting Zurab live is doubly tragic for Nik, as he later shoots and kills her brother Yaz (Adam Bessa) as they escape the building, so hopefully this moment doesn’t come back to haunt her in Extraction 3.

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