Glamorous Season 1 Ending Explained

Glamorous ended with somewhat of a cliffhanger, meaning the ending could use some explaining. Glamorous premiered on Netflix, bringing Kim Cattrall back to the screen in a way that was almost as exciting as her return to And Just Like That… Cattrall plays a Miranda Priestly-esque character but much kinder and more open-minded. Cattrall’s character Madolyn owns the makeup company Glamorous by Madolyn, and as the company is failing, she meets Marco at a makeup counter and hires the queer, non-gender-conforming makeup artist to work for her. Glamorous is groundbreaking for the LGBTQIA+ community due to its representation of queer actors and storylines.

Things don’t start out easy for Marco, but once they get the hang of things, Marco helps turn the company around. Meanwhile, Madolyn’s son Chad is trying to sell the company to a brand called Vendemiaire, but Madolyn is against the idea. Chad is thinking in terms of making money, while Madolyn is thinking about her legacy and how afraid she is to lose control of the company she worked so hard to build. Luckily by the end of the season, Marco saves the company with their innovative ideas, but there are some other aspects of Glamorous‘ ending that could be cleared up.

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Marco’s Gender Identity & Transition In Glamorous Explained

Marco in Glamorous season 1, episode 4.

Glamorous puts emphasis on Marco’s gender identity throughout the season. Marco is queer and non-gender conforming, which is why they’re comfortable going to work in makeup and heels. However, Marco finds themself in an unhealthy relationship with someone who doesn’t fully accept them. Parker, whom Marco falls for, doesn’t like that Marco is femme and constantly pressures them to dress more masculinely. Marco falls for it at times, showing up to Providence dressed in a t-shirt, shorts, and flip-flops. However, by the end, Marco learns they can’t dim their shine to make someone else more comfortable.

However, Glamorous doesn’t suggest Marco has any plans to transition. This is something that comes in at the very end of the series but plays well into the actor’s own journey. At the end, Venetia, Marco’s friend and coworker, finds a business card in Marco’s desk for a transgender specialist. Venetia is immediately supportive, stating, “thattagirl.” The show then flashes back to an earlier scene where Marco’s mother refers to the character as her “daughter.” This suggests Marco had always planned to transition and always identified as female, but the show didn’t let viewers in on this.

What’s Next For Glamorous’ Major Romances After The Season 1 Finale

Britt and Venetia in Glamorous season 1, episode 9.

Along with some groundbreaking queer stories, Glamorous had plenty of romances to get fans excited. Marco had a lot of ups and downs with their relationships, unfortunately wasting a lot of time with Parker and letting down Ben. Ben is someone who actually accepted Marco and never tried to make them something they weren’t. Marco leads Ben on a lot throughout Glamorous, causing Ben to be very upset with them.

However, toward the end of the season, Marco seems to reciprocate Ben’s feelings. Unfortunately, by the end of the season, it’s unclear where Marco and Ben stand. They are finally on good terms but seem to be just friends for now. It’s unclear what Ben’s sexuality is, so if Marco transitions to a woman, this may affect a potential relationship with Ben. However, Ben will likely remain supportive of Marco’s choices, and they’ll stay friends if nothing else.

Venetia and Britt also had some ups and downs throughout Glamorous. There were many times when it seemed like Venetia was using Britt and that she would never put the same effort into their relationship that she put into her career. Luckily they figured things out in the end and are in a much better place by the season finale.

As for Madolyn, once she realized the man she was seeing was actually a spy giving information about her company to Vendemiaire, she called things off. She initially thought her driver Teddy was responsible, believing he may have been jealous of her relationship with James. However, once she learns the truth, she apologizes to Teddy, and from the looks of it, there’s a potential relationship brewing. Madolyn and Teddy hung out at her home toward the end of the finale, but nothing romantic happened between the two other than them admitting their feelings for each other.

Is Marco’s Feud With Waverly Really Over In Glamorous?

Marco in Glamorous season 1, episode 3.

In the Glamorous season finale, Marco unintentionally starts a feud with a beauty guru named Waverly and tries everything to end it before giving up and letting things settle down. Marco’s comments about Waverly on a live stream send her fans after them, which isn’t good for Marco or Madolyn’s company. However, in the end, Waverly sends Marco a letter that acts as an olive branch but has some subtle shade in it too. It’s unclear if Waverly forgives Marco or ever cared about the comments, to begin with. However, it seems there could be a continuous feud between the two if Marco isn’t careful about what they say online.

How Glamorous’ Season 1 Finale Sets Up Season 2’s Story

Miss Benny and Kim Cattrall in Glamorous

Glamorous‘ finale answers enough questions to feel satisfied but also leaves open enough to set up an incredible season 2. With Chad’s departure from the company, Venetia now has his position, fulfilling her dream of getting a major promotion at Glamorous by Madolyn. Season 2 could follow all the new responsibilities she has at the company, as well as all the creative freedom and new ideas she can bring to Madolyn’s business. A second season could also explore Madolyn’s love life in terms of her potential relationship with Teddy.

It could also dive into where Marco and Ben stand. It’s unclear if either of them want to be in a relationship with each other anymore or if they’ve decided they’re better off as friends. However, the most crucial storyline Glamorous sets up for a potential second season is Marco’s transition. Since it was kept a secret from viewers throughout the season, the second season could dive into Marco’s perspective, when they decided to make the transition, and how many people besides Marco’s mother knew.

Venetia’s reaction suggests she may have suspected it, so season 2 could explore her support of Marco’s transition and when she found out. The storyline will also be groundbreaking for Glamorous and could impact Marco’s career, not necessarily in a bad way, but it could bring even more inclusivity to Madolyn’s brand and could help everyone think in even bigger and better ways.

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