Flash Redefines His Top Speed To Save His Son’s Life

Warning! Spoilers ahead for The Flash #799!The Flash has gone faster than ever before in order to save his son. When Wally West was challenged by an impossible task, he shattered his top speed to save the life of his infant child.

In The Flash #799 by Jeremy Adams, Tom Derenik, and Fernando Pasarin, Wally is on a mission to rescue his newborn son, Wade after he was kidnapped by the fearsome Granny Goodness. With the assistance of Mister Terrific and a team of other heroes, the Flash makes it to Granny’s base where she’s eagerly awaiting Wally. Granny possesses the Eternity Mind, a powerful relic that can bend reality to her will, giving her a serious advantage over the Scarlet Speedster.


Flash Granny Goodness Eternity Mind

Granny extends the space between herself and the Flash to extend forever, so no matter how fast Wally runs, he’ll never be able to catch up. However, with his son’s life on the line, Flash digs deep into his powers and runs faster than he ever has before. He manages to outrun eternity itself and deliver a powerful crack on Granny Goodness’ jaw before retrieving his son and getting them both back to Earth.

The Flash Literally Outruns the Concept of Forever

Flash Punches Granny Goodness DC

When the Flash calls himself the ‘Fastest Man Alive’, he’s not kidding around. After Wally assumed his uncle’s identity, he took it upon himself to train himself in the art of speed. As the Flash, Wally pushed himself further and further, accessing speeds that no Flash had ever gone before. The more the Scarlet Speedster trained, the more outrageous things he could do. He could run faster than instant teleportation, evacuate cities in fractions of a second, and even outrun the Black Flash, the grim reaper of speedsters.

And while those achievements are indeed impressive, Flash’s latest stunt outdoes every one of them. Sure, in the past, Wally’s feats have thrown out the rule book when it comes to what’s physically possible. But being able to outrun an abstract concept like ‘eternity’ is on a whole other level for speed. Imagine the longest distance possible, then double it in length. Wally travels that distance in mere seconds in order to save the life of his child. Flash has reached a point where his abilities are without a doubt on the level of gods.

Nothing is Impossible for the Flash

Flash Wally West Running Forward

Wally’s skill and determination have always been some of his best assets, and they’ve allowed him to do things that defy the rules of physics. But it was assumed there had to be some limit to his abilities: a distance he couldn’t cross, or a time limit he just couldn’t beat. Now that Flash has literally outrun an infinite length, there’s seemingly nothing that Wally can’t overcome. If it was ever in doubt who DC’s best hero is when it comes to doing the impossible, West’s latest feat has settled that matter for good. Fans can see Wally pull off his amazing new stunt in The Flash #799, on sale now.

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