Final Fantasy 16: How to Unlock Ragnarok

The Ragnarok Sword in Final Fantasy 16 is one of the best weapons in the game and is unlocked by completing all four Blacksmith Blues quests.

The Ragnarok Sword in Final Fantasy 16 is one many players likely to be on the lookout for, as it is one of the strongest weapons players can obtain on their first playthrough. It is also needed to obtain another powerful weapon, Gotterdammerung, which is crafted from Ragnarok. Both of which are great boss tackling weapons.


To obtain Ragnarok, Clive will have to go through a series of quests, specifically the Blacksmith Blues quests. There are four of them in total, and each one unlocks at a different point while progressing in the main story and will involve some semi-difficult combat, including a mini-boss. Also, since these are side quests, this is technically a missable item.

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How To Complete Blacksmith Blues

Canyon Chimera boss in FF16

As stated, there are four Blacksmith Blues quests. Each one has the same title, just a numeral indicator attached to it to let Clive know which one he is on. Since each one unlocks at a specific point in the game, players will have to wait to unlock Ragnarok until the last and final Blacksmith Blues quest is available. When playing through, Final Fantasy 16‘s map will occasionally indicate quests with a plus symbol (+), which means there is something new to be gained from completing the quest. These will be no different and will typically be initiated by speaking with August in The Mess of the Hideaway.


How To Unlock

How To Complete

Blacksmith Blues I

During Main Story Quest 35: Here Be Monsters

Defeat Dozmare The Griffin and retrieve the Cuirass Leather for Blackthorn.

Blacksmith Blues II

During Main Story Quest 47: Letting Off (reading Blackthorns Letter will initiate this one)

Retrieve Ignac’s stolen items and then bring the Whetstone to Blackthorn.

Blacksmith Blues III

During Main Story Quest 59: Life Father, Like Daughter

Slay a Desert Salamander and bring the skin as well as a Pit-coal Cinder to Blackthorn.

Blacksmith Blues IV

During Main Story Quest 62: Across The Narrow

Defeat the Akashic enemies and the Chimera mini-boss to protect Dravozd.

Each of the Blacksmith Blues quests will provide Clive with other rewards, but the real payoff will primarily be the Ragnarok Sword after completing the final one. Blackthorn will also provide Clive with the Gotterdammerung Design Draft as well. Since the Ragnarok Sword can be upgraded into it, one item needed to retrieve that powerful weapon is already in hand, but upgrading it will come later. Ragnarok has a 325 Attack and Stagger, making it perfect for some of the more difficult combat that awaits in Final Fantasy 16.


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