Final Fantasy 16: How to Unlock Gotterdammerung

Although many Final Fantasy 16 players are going to be on the lookout for the Ultima Weapon, that unfortunately will not be available until the beginning of a New Game+ file. On the first playthrough, players will have to upgrade to the Gotterdammerung instead of upgrading Ragnarok to the Ultima Weapon.


The Gotterdammerung is the strongest weapon players will be able to obtain on their first playthrough and is excellent for all combat in Final Fantasy 16, and it cannot be found or gained through a quest, at least not directly. It must be upgraded from the Ragnarok Sword, which players unlock through a series of Blacksmith quests.

How To Get The Ragnarok Sword

Ragnarok Sword in FF16 with dialogue

To get the Gotterdammerung Sword in Final Fantasy 16, players must first obtain the Ragnarok Sword by completing the four Blacksmith Blues quests revolving around Blackthorn. Each one goes in consecutive order, so each one will only be unlocked by completing the one before it, and Ragnarok will only be rewarded upon completing the fourth and final one. To initiate these quests, Clive must wait until mainline Quest 35, Here Be Monsters. This quest itself will not unlock the Blacksmith Blues, but they unlock naturally during this point in the game. To initiate, speak with August in The Mess at the Hideaway.

How To Unlock Gotterdammerung

Gotterdammerung stat screen in FF16

Now that Clive has procured Ragnarok, he needs to gather the materials required to craft Gotterdammerung, including a Primitive Battlehorn, 3x Orichalcum, and 2x Dark Steel. To get the Primitive Battlehorn, Clive will need to defeat a Gobermouch, which is a Rank A bounty that can be found on the Hunt Board. This enemy will drop the Battlehorn when defeated.

The three Orichalcum can also be obtained as rewards from bounties, such as the Gorgimera and Atlas, or can occasionally be found when completing a side quest, like the Under New Management II quest.

For the Darksteel, Clive can also grab this by completing bounties, such as the Prince of Death and Thanatos. Once the materials have been collected, players can head back to the Black Hammer to upgrade Ragnarok into the Gotterdammerung. The Gotterdammerung is the best sword available to Clive during the first run-through of Final Fantasy 16. It has an attack power and stagger of 375, making it an excellent weapon for taking out those late-game enemies. Additionally, for those that plan to tackle New Game+, this will be a valuable tool until Ultima can be obtained.


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