Elvis Estate Slams New Movie, But Priscilla Presley Has A Different Opinion

Priscilla, the latest movie from director Sofia Coppola, has been slammed by the Elvis estate. The movie, which is due in October, is adapted from the 1985 memoir Elvis and Me by Elvis Presley’s former wife Priscilla Presley. Euphoria cast member Jacob Elordi will play Elvis opposite Bad Times at the El Royale‘s Cailee Spaeny in the title role.


TMZ reports that, after the recent release of the Priscilla trailer, representatives for the Elvis Presley estate have shared a statement saying that the movie was created without their agreement and slamming its appearance. Priscilla herself, on the other hand, shared her own statement praising Coppola’s talent and expressing her belief that Priscilla will “take everyone on an emotional journey.” Read the full statements below:

Elvis Presley Estate: It feels like a college movie. The set designs are just horrific, it’s not what Graceland looks like.

Priscilla Presley: I am very excited to see the interpretation of my book by the masterful Sofia Coppola. She has such an extraordinary perspective and I have always been such an admirer of her work. I’m certain this movie will take everyone on an emotional journey.

Will Priscilla Be Able To Stand Out Among The Pack?

Cailee Spaeny as Priscilla Presley and Jacob Elordi as Elvis Presley in Priscilla

These conflicting statements may cause issues for Priscilla, though they also may end up stoking interest in the movie overall. The real challenge that Priscilla will have to overcome is the sheer amount of other media about the Presley family. Elvis is a titanic figure in pop culture and has had every aspect of his life mined for various artistic works since his untimely death in 1977, most recently in Baz Luhrmann’s 2022 biopic Elvis (where he was played by Oscar nominee Austin Butler) and in the Netflix animated series Agent Elvis, which follows the fictional tales of a superspy version of the singer.

Both of those projects came out within the past year, but Elvis has been featured in movies and television for decades at this point. Presley has been played by everyone from Kurt Russell to Michael Shannon to Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell. Priscilla herself has been portrayed onscreen many times as well, including by Ashley Greene in The Shangri la Suite and Olivia de Jonge in Elvis.

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While this all may be the case, it is the fact that Priscilla focuses on the titular woman’s perspective that will most likely help it draw attention. Coppola has previously explored a character whose life was lived in the public eye in her 2006 movie Marie Antoinette. If she can recapture the energy of that Oscar-winning project, she may find that she has a new hit on her hands.

Source: TMZ

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