Dune 2 Trailer Has More Epic Action Than The First Movie, New Worlds & A Big Christopher Walken Reveal

A new trailer for Dune: Part Two has been released, showing off more of the Timothée Chalamet-led adaptation of the second half of the original book.

A new trailer for Dune: Part Two reveals more about the upcoming adaptation of the second half of Frank Herbert’s original novel. Dune follows the story of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) and his alliance with the Fremen of Arrakis after the destruction of his House by the Harkonnens. The first film, directed by Denis Villeneuve, was released in 2021, adapting the first part of the original Dune book.

Warner Bros. Pictures has released a new trailer for Dune: Part Two, showing off even more of the upcoming sci-fi film.

The trailer teases major action sequences as Paul becomes a key leader for the Fremen. Dune: Part Two will also feature other worlds beyond Arrakis and the trailer offers a revealing first look at Christopher Walken as Emperor Shaddam IV.

What The New Dune 2 Trailer Reveals About The Movie

Timothée Chalamet as Paul looking straight ahead in Dune Part Two

The new trailer for Dune: Part Two has a heavy focus on Paul’s role as a leader for the Fremen people. This is due to some of the Fremen believing him to be Maud’Dib, a non-native to Arrakis who is prophesied to bring about a new age for the Fremen people. In the trailer, it’s clear that Javier Bardem’s Stilgar believes in Paul and his ability to lead the Fremen against their subjugation by the Emperor.

Dune: Part Two‘s latest trailer also reveals the return of Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck, House Atreides’ weapons master and a mentor to Paul. Gurney can be seen telling Paul to use the Fremen people’s belief in Maud’Dib to his advantage, stepping into the role of a prophet for his own gain. This seems like it will drive a wedge between Paul and Chani (Zendaya), who says she believes the prophecy of Maud’Dib will destroy the Fremen.

It appears there will also be some changes within Dune: Part Two that make it different from the book while keeping its plot elements and themes. The new trailer indicates Chani will have a larger role in the story, just as Villeneuve confirmed a Lady Jessica story change in Dune: Part Two. Despite some changes, though, Dune: Part Two‘s trailer reveals it will still be faithful to Herbert’s original novel while featuring much more action than the first Dune movie.

Source: Warner Bros. Pictures/YouTube

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