Doctor Who Art Lovingly Honors David Tennant & Matt Smith’s Meeting In The 50th Anniversary Special

Doctor Who art lovingly honors the meeting between David Tennant and Matt Smith’s Tenth and Eleventh Doctors in the 50th-anniversary special “Day of the Doctor”. The 2013 episode saw Smith’s Doctor join forces with his predecessor to face one of his greatest mistakes during the last days of the Time War. The special episode also featured the full first appearance of John Hurt’s War Doctor, as well as the audiences’ first tease of Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor.

As audiences await Tennant’s return in the Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary, artist Kay Flowers has reflected on the last time that the long-running sci-fi series celebrated a significant anniversary milestone.

In Flowers’ pin design, the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors can be seen wearing their costumes from the 50th-anniversary special before a starry background, complete with a TARDIS flying by. The duo is also framed in a golden picture frame similar to the one holding the “Gallifrey Falls” painting which is a pivotal part of the episode and also features in the background of Flowers’ post.

Why “Day of the Doctor” Remains An Important Doctor Who Story

John Hurt, David Tennant and Matt Smith in 'The Day of the Doctor' 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Special

“The Day of the Doctor” marked an exciting time for the series, as not only did the episode celebrate the show’s history, but marked an exciting first for the modern era of the show. The 50th-anniversary special is the first full-length multi-Doctor story of the revived series, as the only previous crossover was in the 2007 Children in Need minisode “Time Crash”, where the Tenth Doctor collided with Peter Davidson’s Fifth Doctor. For many, “The Day of the Doctor” was the first time viewers had been introduced to this kind of story.

As well as being a fun multi-Doctor story, “The Day of the Doctor” remains an important story for how it affected the series’ overall narrative. With all thirteen Doctors at the time joining forces to save Gallifrey and avert the Doctor’s darkest decision, the special brought the Doctor’s personal struggles with his guilt over his destruction of Gallifrey that had plagued him since Doctor Who‘s 2005 return to a close. Furthermore, the introduction of Tom Baker’s mysterious Currator, who watched over the painting seen in the art above, established the Doctor regenerating into familiar faces, which would allow Tennant to return as the Fourteenth Doctor.

While “The Day of the Doctor” may have had pivotal story implications, Smith and Tennant’s chemistry remains a large part of its appeal. Between playful teasing and bickering over sonic screwdrivers and shoes, to Tennant’s Doctor praising Smith’s incarnation during their farewell, the pair have a fun dynamic throughout the story. And with Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary nearing, Flower’s charming art is a perfect throwback to the previous milestone.

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