Disney Dreamlight Valley: All Emerald Bottle Locations

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, players have become accustomed to the concept of randomly discovering items that seem to have no apparent quest attached to them. The most common are unofficial quests that involve mysterious potatoes, and in this case, emerald bottles, that create colorful potions, like the Golden Potion and others related to the various potatoes.


With the newest update, players have begun uncovering a new random object lying around, an emerald bottle. Chances are they were probably originally spotted while casually fishing in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but rest assured, there’s more than just one to find. In fact, there are 16 in total, all of which will be found in water.

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What Are The Emerald Bottles

Emerald Bottle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Emerald Bottles won’t have any kind of specific quest or objective appear once one of them has been collected, but they will be necessary later to use with the Crystal Ball in the Secret Room of the Mines. Once all 16 are collected, they can be used to create Emerald Silvers. Those can then be turned into Jade Crystal at a crafting station, which is what will be used with the Crystal Ball. This will then give players the seed that will let them grow the Green Potato when planted in the Forgotten Lands. Adding one more colorful potato in Disney Dreamlight Valley to players inventories.

The 16 different Emerald Bottles are going to be found all over the Valley across the various regions of the map. They will only be found in water, however, which makes tracking them down slightly easier. Unfortunately, some of them can be really hard to see due to the foliage in the water or the lighting in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Depending on the area, players may be able to see the entire bottle sitting there or barely just the cork of it sticking out of the water. Try hard to scan the water and ensure the brightness on whatever screen that’s being used is at its maximum to make spotting them easier.

To obtain the Emerald Bottles, since they are in the water, they need to be fished out. Landing the line near them won’t be enough unless the rod indicates it is within the correct vicinity. Try to land as close to the bottle as possible, but be wary, as sometimes this can be a little finicky and players may need to try landing in several spots around the bottle until it registers. Once the rod hits the water, it should change the color of the ripples if it is in the correct spot. If they remain the normal general water color, it is not being registered and players need to try casting again.

Where To Find All 16 Emerald Bottles


Bottle Number


Peaceful Meadow

Emerald Bottle 1

Emerald Bottle 2

Dazzle Beach

Emerald Bottle 3

Emerald Bottle 4

Emerald Bottle 5

Emerald Bottle 6

Emerald Bottle 7

Glade of Trust

Emerald Bottle 8

Emerald Bottle 9

Emerald Bottle 10

Emerald Bottle 11

Forest of Valor

Emerald Bottle 12

Frosted Heights

Emerald Bottle 13

Sunlit Plateau

Emerald Bottle 14

Emerald Bottle 15

Forgotten Lands

Emerald Bottle 16

How To Get The Green Potato & Crystalline Green Potion

The Crystalline Green Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once all 16 of the Emerald Bottles have been collected, players will need to open their inventory and turn each of the bottles into Emerald Silvers. Once all 16 bottles have been changed into Emerald Silvers, take them to a crafting station where they can then be crafted into the Jade Crystal.

This crystal will be needed for use in the Vitalys Mines. Specifically inside the Secret Room that becomes unlocked while completing one of Simba’s Friendship Quests, Seed of Memories. This is the quest that grants Dreamlight Fruit in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but it is also the one that unlocks the Herbalist Room, also known as the secret room in Vitalys Mines.

Therefore, in order to fully accomplish what the Emerald Bottles are intended for, players will need to progress with Simba and unlock this room. As long as the room is unlocked, players will be able to take the Jade Crystal to the Herbalist Room and use it to interact with the Crystal Ball there.

This will provide players with a very special seed. Take the seed out into the Forgotten Lands and plant it there. From here, treat it just like any other growing sapling would be treated and wait for it to grow, once it has grown completely, players will receive the Green Potato, which will be used to make another colorful potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Now that players have the Green Potato, head to any nearby crafting station to make the Crystalline Green Potion which requires 1x Green Potato, 1x Jade Crystal, and 1x Empty Vial. Once this potion has been crafted, as long as players have all the other mystery potato quests completed and have crafted the other potions, they will finally be able to craft the Rainbow Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley, which can be crafted using 1x Crystalline Green Potion, 1x Royal Purple Potion, 1x Electrifying Orange Potion, 1x Brilliant Blue Potion, 1x Gleaming Gold Potion, and 1x Raging Red Potion. All of which are made from the other colorful potatoes and their associated mystery quests.

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