Diplomatic Immunity Explained & Why Isabella Has It

Warning: The following article contains spoilers from Cruel Summer season 2, episode 3. Everyone has something to hide in Cruel Summer season 2, but Isabella LaRue is very open about the fact that she has diplomatic immunity in the United States. The second season of the Freeform series revolves around the death of Luke Chambers and the events leading up to the crime. Cruel Summer is slowly building up to what happened the night Luke was killed, including the introduction of Isabella and her arrival in Chatham.


Isabella is one of the many suspects in Luke’s murder since she briefly dated him during the summer of 1999. Her best friend Megan Landry started dating him sometime before the winter of 1999, and the two teenagers definitely have something to do with Luke’s disappearance and death. Regardless, it might not matter if Isabella is implicated in the crime in Cruel Summer season 2 because she has diplomatic immunity.

Diplomats And Their Families Are Protected In Foreign Countries

Isabella wears a floral crochet top in Cruel Summer season 2.

According to the United States Department of State, diplomatic immunity is extended to certain foreign government officials (who are not U.S. citizens) and states that these diplomats are exempt from prosecution in local courts. So while they reside in the United States, these specific foreign government officials and their families are protected from being prosecuted and questioned for crimes they commit in the country, whether the broken laws pertain to their work or their personal lives. The only exemption is if the country waives their immunity. So that’s what Isabella was referring to in Cruel Summer season 2, episode 3.

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Isabella’s Parents Are Diplomats In Cruel Summer

Isabella in Cruel Summer season 2, episode 2.

In the summer of 1999 storyline in Cruel Summer season 2, episode 3, Isabella joined Megan, Luke, and some of their friends for a sleepover at the Chambers’ cabin. During the excursion, Luke tried to teach Isabella how to shoot a gun (which she failed miserably at), and that’s when she mentioned that she had diplomatic immunity. Isabella jokingly claimed that since she had immunity, she could kill all of them and get away with it. So because her parents are diplomats and assumingly not U.S. citizens, Isabella theoretically doesn’t have to face punishment for her crimes.

However, in the summer of 2000, Sheriff Myer interrogated Isabella for her suspected role in Luke’s murder. At first, she wanted to claim diplomatic immunity in Chatham and leave town, but since she used it for an unknown crime in St. Barts in the winter of 1999, Isabella’s lawyer advised against it. As a result, Isabella won’t play her diplomatic immunity card in Cruel Summer season 2 (yet).

Source: United States Department of State

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