Deadpool is Officially Immune to One MCU Villain’s Powers

Warning: Contains Spoilers for Deadpool #7!The fan-favorite anti-hero Deadpool has confirmed that he’s immune to one of the MCU’s scariest villains. Deadpool’s ability to not only obliterate the fourth wall but also recover from brutal damage because of his intense healing factor has made him one of the most powerful and beloved characters in Marvel Comics history. His capability of withstanding the nastiest hits from foes like Juggernaut while throwing insults left and right makes him nearly indestructible on the physical plane, but it’s led some to wonder how he’d handle facing some of Marvel’s more mystical villains. However, a recent issue of his latest series has confirmed that Deadpool could go toe-to-toe with Scarlet Witch without a weakness to hold him back.


In Deadpool #7 by Alyssa Wong and Luigi Zagaria, Deadpool and his current date-mate Valentine Vuong are ambushed by two supernatural foes during their planetarium date. In an attempt to suppress the Merc With a Mouth, the vampiric Last Bite attempts to control Deadpool’s mind by putting him into a trance. However, this is quickly voided as Deadpool immediately pokes his eyes to break free of his grasp. He then reveals that “mind control doesn’t work on me,” making Last Bite’s attempts futile. This is a huge development for Deadpool because it means he can withstand many psychic and mystical heroes and villains, most notably one villainess who slaughtered the Illuminati with ease in the MCU.

Scarlet Witch’s Abilities Don’t Work Against Deadpool

Deadpool Mind Control Immunity

What Deadpool’s immunity to mind control means for him is that Scarlet Witch can’t touch him. It’s already known that any attempt to physically destroy him would result in him returning because of his healing factor. Now, her magic that manipulates the mind is incapable of putting a dent in the anti-hero because he’s immune to any attempts at mind control. There’s no way she can make him get lost in his thoughts so that she can push forward with her plans because he can easily shake it off. With no way to destroy him physically or mentally, Deadpool has become the perfect candidate to take on Scarlet Witch should she explore her villainous side again.

Only the House of M Spell Could Bypass Deadpool’s Immunity

No More Mutants

Since there are no options for Scarlet Witch to be able to destroy the Merc With a Mouth, she would likely be faced with the nuclear option if she really wanted to take him down. Her most infamous storyline, House of M, showed that she could end the mutant gene by just whispering the words “No more mutants.” If she really wanted Deadpool to be put in his place, she would need to do this again to take away his powers. It’s the only way that he would be unable to take her on because he wouldn’t have the abilities that make him immune to her in the first place. There have been hints that the House of M reality could make a return, meaning she could push the button that could stop the one mutant that can survive her powers, but it’s highly unlikely to happen anytime soon.

In the meantime though, the Marvel Universe and Deadpool have nothing to fear. Scarlet Witch is currently in the hero mindset once again in her recent solo series following her redemption. Still, anything is possible in the Marvel canon, so any precautions should be taken in case she crosses the line once again. This new immunity to mind control shows that Deadpool is the most qualified to take on Scarlet Witch, and he will undoubtedly be on the front lines should the need arise.

Deadpool #7 is available now from Marvel Comics!

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