DC’s Most Powerful Psychic Was the Flash

There are many super-powered heroes in the DC Universe, but few are as fast as the Flash. His speed extends not just to his physical movement but also to his speed of thought, which is what made him one of the most powerful psychics in comics way back in the 1980s.


The Flash’s full power is often underestimated. While people know the Flash is fast, it’s not often considered what being fast really allows. Flash is so fast, for example, that he’s significantly more powerful than Superman. Flash can heal faster than most people, perceive events faster, and move fast enough to go back in time. But the most important ability he has is the ability to think faster than anyone else in the DC Universe. This is how he’s able to make decisions while moving faster than light (so he doesn’t run into a building). But this ability to think faster than anyone else became absurdly useful when the Flash gained psychic powers.

The Flash Is Mutated To Be The Smartest Man Alive

The Flash Mutated Giant Brain

This shocking new ability manifests in Green Lantern #31 by Gerard Jones, Mark Waid, M.D. Bright, and Romeo Tanghal, which was part of a cross-over event with The Flash called “Gorilla Warfare.” This multi-part cross-over features Green Lantern and the Flash teaming up to defeat Gorilla Grodd and Hector Hammond, two psychic villains from the heroes’ rogues galleries. Grodd and Hector are in search of a meteor that will further mutate them. Eventually, the meteor is destroyed in a fight between the four characters, with the resulting explosion turning Hector and Hal Jordan into cavemen and transforming Gorilla Grodd and The Flash into powerful psychics. This gives the Flash’s speed power an entirely new meaning.

The reason characters like Superman are so unbelievably strong is that Superman has everything: super speed, strength, flight, heat vision, super hearing, and x-ray vision. It would be easier to list the powers Superman doesn’t have. Other characters like the Flash — or even Green Lantern Hal Jordan, whose ring’s power is limitless — really only have one power. But these heroes use their powers extremely well and with great imagination. But when Flash gets psychic powers in Green Lantern #31, it shows how absurd it would be if he had anything on top of his super speed.

The Flash Overpowers Green Lantern With New Powers

The Flash Overpowering Green Lantern

Using his psychic powers, the Flash is able to overpower the will of Hal Jordan, who, despite being a literal caveman at the time, has one of the strongest wills in the universe. Overpowering Hal’s will and taking direct control of his power ring is no small feat. While the Flash loses these powers pretty quickly, it goes to show how much more powerful Flash would be with powers on top of his speed. Having a brain that moves faster than light means the Flash was once one of the most powerful psychics in all of comics — even if it was only for a little while.

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