DC Universe Movie Director Teases Major Change To Character’s Comics Origin

The upcoming Swamp Thing movie from DC Studios will apparently tinker with the character’s DC Comics origin story, reveals the director. With the DCEU reaching its end this year, DC Studios is busy working on several new films and TV shows for the upcoming DC Universe from James Gunn and Peter Safran. One of the Chapter 1 projects that was revealed for “Gods and Monsters” was Swamp Thing, with James Mangold attached to direct.

While there is no cast attached, Mangold recently talked about his major fandom for the Swamp Thing character and what viewers can expect from the live-action movie. During a recent appearance on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast, Mangold spoke about how he will be tinkering with Swamp Thing’s origin story. Without giving away too many spoilers, Mangold teased what he is excited to explore with Swamp Thing, sharing the following about the DC horror movie:

But to me, the idea of making kind of almost a kind of noir mystery horror film about a guy who wakes up and he’s this thing, and he’s… there’s this amnesiac quality of like “how did I get here and who did this to me.” So I’m envisioning a kind of horror noir film following a creature that can’t be seen trying to piece together from fragments of memory what happened and who did it.

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Changing Swamp-Thing’s Origin Works Better Than Other DC Heroes

Swamp Thing from the 2019 Series and in DC Comics

While Swamp Thing definitely has a cult following, it is worth taking into account that the supernatural creature is still not regarded as one of DC’s A-list characters and is fairly obscure to the general audience. Despite having had a few previous live-action projects, including the cancelled Swamp Thing TV show, he is still someone that has yet to get on the larger spectrum of exposure in the comic book media genre. Making drastic changes to major icons like Superman and Batman would be more noticeable given their global popularity.

In Swamp Thing’s case, whatever altercations Mangold is doing in his DC Studios movie will not have as big of a reaction outside the hardcore fanbase. Even though Alec Holland’s comic origin doesn’t involve him getting amnesia and trying to figure out his past, there may be a reason or two why Mangold is doing it for his film that could pan out to be a welcomed change. Until they actually start shooting Swamp Thing, time will tell how different the film will be compared to past live-action projects.

To this point, DC Studios hasn’t indicated exactly how long fans will have to wait for the Swamp Thing movie. Despite already having the filmmaker onboard, it wouldn’t be shocking if Swamp Thing doesn’t happen for at least a few more years. Hopefully, regardless of how long the wait will be, more details about Swamp Thing will be shared by Mangold sooner rather than later.

Source: Happy Sad Confused Podcast/YouTube

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